Ford 3600 tractor clutch.

We've all done clutches before right? But this one was a bastard! I had a stinking cold when I started this job so I wasn't happy when I started to find the rusted-in bolts. With most normal vehiches you simply remove the driveshaft, take off the gearbox and there it is, just waiting for a new disc! not with a tractor though. Most of 'em don't have any form of chassis holding the engine, gearbox, transfer-box, back-axle (etc..) together. So it's all just held together with bloody big bolts and acts as the chassis. So.. when you want to change the clutch, the engine needs to be removed from the rest, along with the front wheels, steering gear and heaps of other metalwork and plumbing.
So I picked up a crane to carry the weight of the engine and a pair of heavy-duty axle stands to support the back half (with a scaffold pole to lever it back into place) the whole job took about two days. I had to take off the Howard FX10 loader and counterweight, but it was the steering-plumbing, and rods that took the time.