Conversion to diesel (the Citroen BX).

(updated 26-08-2013)

Well, I had this diesel BX19RD and the bodywork was on it's way out, along with the rear suspension units. So when I found a BX19TRS up for sale for 75 I picked it up for spares. The TRS turned out to be in very good condition, It's major problem was a worn out clutch and a water leak on the carb-pre-heater thingie. So I thought I'd take the 28MPG petrol engine out and fit the 45MPG diesel unit from the RD. Well, anyone who knows these things will know that it's not just the engine that's different. The fuel system, electrics, and instruments need changing too!
I hired an engine crane for the weekend and got to work. I started on Friday in the afternoon, and by Monday morning it was all done. I worked first on the old RD removing the engine, gearbox, front suspension units, wheels and most of the other removable parts! then had a local scrap metal company come over and take the shell away. The next morning (Saturday) I got the petrol engine out of the TRS and prepared the engine for fitting. I took this oppertunity to change engine and gearbox oils, filters and other replaceable parts. Another 36 hours without sleep, And I had the diesel engine fitted, and was sorting out the electrics and fuel system. The exhaust system-to-manifold connection required changing too.
I've been driving this car for two years now with it's new engine fitted, and except for a few teething problems it's working very well.