DieselBike / CeeZee-DeeZee Diesel-engined rat-bike

07-02-2023 by S Bluck, OES Engineers, Planet-tharg.

Hi, this is a rather odd project. I call the little monster Diesel-Bike. I originally bought it as a
part finished project from a chap in Scotland. The engine and gearbox weren't ligned-up with each other
or the rear wheel. So I had to move the engine one way and the gearbox the other and re-make the mounts
to get it all to align. I made the chain-guard from pieces of old shopping trolley I pulled out of a local
river when magnet-fishing.

The V5-Logbook was wrong so I had a chat to the DVLA and got the details changed to match the bike.
Engine was a 250cc. Now it's a 325cc. The engine is a Lombardini type 520 from the mid 1970's
These small engines (now made by Kohler), were originally fitted to cement-mixers and small agricultural
machines, and are still found today just in case you want to build one of these for yourself!

The gearbox is a Burman type BAP made in September 1963. It's a vintage 3-speed unit usually fitted to AMC
and Panther motorcycles. The clutch is a very early Burman 4-spring type. I found a replica Burman hand-
change lever and made-up a stainless-steel rod to couple this to the gearbox.

I made the inlet manifold (front of the engine) from a piece of scrap steel tube I had in the junkbox.
I added a thick plastic block on a steel backing plate to the primary chain's shopping-trolley guard
to allow the primary chain to run better, and to reduce chain-slap noise from the primary.

Output from the gearbox to the rear wheel is a chain in the usual way. with another piece of trolley
used as the chain-guard. This was part of the original bike. My intention was to build this up as a
post apocolypse totally electrics-free machine. so I fitted a gas headlamp. It's a Bullfinch floodlight
from the 1970's these were usually seen clamped to an orange propane bottle used to light street-signs on
motorways here in the UK. This gas floodlight uses diesel fuel, and burns it using a mantle. Gas is produced
In a copper-tube evaporator using the heat from the heat of the exhaust. After about 30 minutes of running
we have gas for the light. Front end is XT600, fuel tank is kawasaki, rear exhaust-can is a suzuki part.

The bike kicks over to start, and usually fires first-kick every time summer or winter with no pre-heat needed.
To keep it road-legal (on a daylight MOT) the tyres are trials types.

The home-made mono-shock seems to work quite well too.. Originally the engine had fins on the flywheel
and a cowling to direct the air to the fins on the cylinder/barrel. The ducting was missing however,
so I machined-off the fins, removed all of the tinwork and sprayed the flywheel with some red and orange
paint in the usual radio-active style....
The Latest addition to DieselBike is the steel holster for my sawn-off shotgun attached to the front
forks. I may well cover this in black leather as I have some in the bits-box. The shotgun is a 1970's
Tula TOZ-66 which was on my shotgun certificate until I managed to break the action. It's now deactivated
and part of the Mad-Max style of this cool and un-usual show-bike.

Next for this project motorcycle.... I'll be fitting a gas rear-light with a shutter connected to
the brake pedal to give the DieselBike a gas Stop-Tail light! Also I have improvements to make to the fuel
and gas systems. I will be getting it to self-bleed and a more efficient gas evaporator unit. and maybe
A spark-generator to light the lamps.