Fordson Super Dexta Re-Build.

(New 17-2-2002... This Update 23_FEB_08)
Here's a project that won't fit on the kitchen table! well, not all at once anyway.
It's a 1964 Fordson super dexta tractor, built very late in the production run, this tractor is the
new performance super dexta with the extra few horsepower! But, it's got an engine problem, and is
generally worn out, so I'll be breaking it down to kit-form, going over the lot with a micrometer
and calipers and replacing anything thats worn or otherwise knackered! Also in the pictures below
you can see a ford 4100, international harvester 3434 diesel, and a caterpillar V30C forklift!
(and my poor BX that's got the job of towing it away!). The Dexta and the Citroen BX made it back home,
and time passed!

So! Update time! much has happened over the last few years, I have finished working on the
house re-build and sale project sold, and moved out further into the Kent countryside.
Over the past few months I've been giving the Super Dexta it's long awaited engine re-build.
For a few years now, whenever I was asked "so.. what do you want for your birthday..?" I've
asked for an engine rebuild kit for a fordson super dexta! no surprise, it never arrived! so I
bought the parts myself, along with new mud-wings, exhaust pipe, manifold, headlights, etc..

The top group of pictures below are of the tractor in Feb 2002. The bottom set are my recent
work, removing and stripping the engine, and getting it ready for rebuilding.

2007. First remove the tinwork, plumbing, and the front axle...

Then, with the gearbox housing supported on axle stands, take off the engine.

Drain the rest of the oil, remove filters & fuel system, De Grease. and then
remove the steering gear, instruments and everything else on top of the gearbox to paint.

I had a couple of spare steering boxes, But found the original to be the best, with
very little wear, so it was cleaned, checked painted and re-fitted, along with the battery tray.

latest photos so far... the engine is now back on the tractor, I replaced the complete clutch (both discs, pressure-plate assembly, pilot and release bearings) before re-fitting, and re- painting the engine. also a new water pump and thermostat.
The front wheels are now back on, the front axle kingpin, and all bearings on the front axle have been replaced. (wheel bearings, steering-arm bearings, and the front balljoints).