Water pump, and Petter engines (PAZ1).

Nov 2001. Up-Date 15-mch-2005

The water pump is a centrifugal type, made by pullen and company London SE11. the rating plate says.. 87 Gall/Min. 115 FT Head. 2850 RPM. The three petter PAZ1 engines are... One up and running, (later type with pressed steel top-cover) One mostly complete, but needs help, and one for spares. (these two are the earlier type with cast top-covers) You can make one really good engine, and have a shed-load of spare parts. Or pick up some bits and get the second unit up and running. With suitable pullies you may be able to gear-up the paz1 to the pump! The red painted engine cover, and green exhaust are actually from my winget 2S dumper, currently being re-built.