Winget 2S Dumper Truck.

Nov 2001. Up-Date 1-Nov-2019
	I found this on a farm I'd been doing some work at in Kent.  I made a deal 
with the farmer and took it home on a trailer the next day. The idea was to get it
running and sell it on (making a few quid)  But after a while I decided to tidy it
up and maybe take it to some local shows.  It's a  Winget 2S  and one of the early
ones too!  The bucket is a manual-release type,  And the engine is a Petter single
cylinder, Hand-Started diesel.                                                    

I've been in touch with Winget, And they have been very helpful digging through a pile of old records to find a date of manufacture for me. (Thanks Steve!) This 2S was built in Rochester, Kent. Nearly fourty years ago.

Manufacturer. Winget LTD Chassis Number. 339XY Date of Man'f. January 1968 Vehicle Weight. Payload Weight. Engine Type. Petter PH1 8.2 HP 40.2 cu in (659cc) These pictures were taken on it's arrival here, As you can see it's a bit in need of a coat of paint!
The brakes were rusted solid, The clutch too. So the dumper was not easy to move! I removed the bucket and gearbox, Then started to get the chassis wire brushed and painted with a good coat of red oxide primer. I stripped and re-built the gearbox, And fitted a new clutch. Then took the engine out ready for a clean-up. I'ts in quite good condition except for the layer of moss growing on the outside! so a clean and check-over rather than a re-build. The engine is marked "RECON 80" so it looks like the original engine was replaced or re-built in 1980. I'm still having a few problems with the brakes. Parts to repair the brakes (From Winget) will cost nearly 800.00 so I'm looking for a cheaper fix! The dumper only cost me 50.00 from the farmer!