Marconi 2955 Radio Test Set.

(18/dec/2019) (updates Loads more free manuals added)
Here at OES / TORradio we use Marconi 2955 and 2955A test sets. They are usually very reliable, and go through their calibration with no major problems.

Occasionally though, they do have a few quirks!., So here are some user and service manuals in PDF format supplied free of charge "just in case..."

2955 Operators Manual (3,355k)
2955 Circuit / Schematic diagrams (8,528k)
2955 Service Manual. (15,476k)
2955 GPIB User Manual. (1,359k)
2955 Directional Power-Heads Manual. (5,000k)

2955A/R An Introduction. (1,552k)
2955A/R Programming Manual(1,171k)
2955A/R Service Manual (15,684k)
2955B An Introduction. (1,521k)
2955B Operators Manual. (7,600k)
2955B/R Calibration Manual. (2,229k)

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