Marconi AD108. Aircraft MF/HF Rx

(16-Nov-2002... Updated 05-05-2019)
At the bottom of this page you will find an info-sheet and service manual
for the Marconi AD108 Reciever. ALSO I have just obtained another of
these receivers, so I'll get more pictures and info up here soon......

This is a Marconi MF/HF communication receiver type AD108 (inst No 377629).
Tuning dial covers   260kHz - 510kHz     (4 bands)
                     2.0MHz - 4.2MHz
                     4.2MHz - 8.8MHz
                     8.8MHz - 18.5MHz

The Modes of operation are CW, MCW, RT. So Keyed-Carrier. Modulated Keyed-Carrier or AM.
Supply is from the aircraft 24V DC supply giving 19V (LT Supplies) 24v / 250V HT dc.

There is a really nice enamel Marconi badge on the lower-front.
Unit is about 14 inches deep, four inches wide, and 8 inches high
If I had to put a date on it's manufacture I'd say mid 1950's
A rotary-converter lives on the rear upper part of the case to
produce the 250v HT DC voltage from a 24V DC supply.

AD108 Service manual with circuit / schematic diagrams etc..
2-page Info-Sheet all about the Marconi AD108.

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