R1355 1944 Navigation RX

(update 19-Apr-2004)
This is the latest piece of radio hardware to find it's way onto my
kitchen table....   It's an R1355 receiver, With a Type 25 RF Unit.
I've done quite a few web searches and have found out the following
This unit  was designed to aid navigation/precision bombing using a
system called  "GEE"   This involved following a radio signal until
another radio signal indicated the release-point.  (erm.. I Think?)
The Unit is about 22 inches deep, 9 inches wide, and 8 inches high.
Date of manufacture, According to the components inside is 1943-44.
The unit is about 97% complete, and in good condition for it's age,
The inside of the RX & RF Unit is clean and intact.  Also with this
receiver, I picked up a MODULATOR TYPE 189 but I don't know if it's
part of the same "GEE" system, It is of the same approximate age.
The RF Unit (Type 25) is a module which plugs into the front of the
main receiver chassis.  I think the unit is VHF at about 50-60 MHz.
the front-end and channel tuning looks to be done here.  5 channels
selectable using a rotary switch on the front panel, Are tuned with
small pre-set variable capacitors inside the unit. Three valves are
in screened sections. At a guess I'd say RF amp. Osc. Mixer. giving
a signal at I.F. to the main RX chassis.  (Corrections welcome!)
The main RX chassis contains a power supply unit.   Consisting of a
transformer, full wave rectifier valve, and capacitors. And the IF_
Demodulator?  strip with another seven valves and transformer cans.

----------This RX has now been sent to the Netherlands-------------
It is to be used in a Shorts Stirling cockpit section which is being
re-built.  If I get any further  up-dates from the  Netherlands I'll
get them up onto this page.