qq22.net (info page) updated 22_09_15
qq22.net Is a web hosting network, The main network is centered around a group
of Sun ultra / netra systems. These talk to the internet via a group of routers
and hubs and ensure down-time of the websites hosted here is kept to a minimum
by acting as an on line backup. qq22.net also use several PC's running UNIX / Linux
operating systems, mostly on the isolated admin' network as operator consoles along
with some X-terms.

The network is devided into two seperate computer rooms at seperate locations,
and linked/mirrored to provide some protection against system failure. Each of
the local networks comprises of a pair of fast dual-processor sun ultra systems
running unix/apache and mirrored, with a pair of local DNS servers, connected
via the firewall to the internet.

A few interesting things to see!

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