qq22.net (info page) updated 25/11/2018
qq22.net Is a hosting and electronics development network, and data-store for other projects.
Much of the hosting has been farmed-out to a commercial company, and we have a business
hosting service to handle that traffic. The local networks are now for odd projects and internet-radio.

There are still Sun Microsystems servers here, but most of the file storage and archives are now on
to micro-power servers mostly running ubuntu. These talk to the internet via a group of
routers and hubs and ensure down-time of the servers is kept to a minimum. by acting as
an on line backup. The power consumption of our local network has reduced by about 80 percent
over the past 5 years. New VOIP servers have been added too handling over 10,000 connections.

The network is devided into two seperate computer rooms at seperate locations, and mirrored
to provide some protection against system failure. Each of the local networks comprises of
various systems running linux/BSD and mirrored, with a pair of DNS servers, connected via
the firewall to the outside world.

A few interesting things to see!

Old Computers Processors