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If you have something to say, and want to share your thoughts with our listners please see the
Your Voice link on the main page. If you want to get personally involved please e-mail us.
and if you want to donate to the station, Please read-on

The equipment in use here at TOR-Radio is fairly basic. We make good use of ex-marine HF/SSB radio transcievers
and transmitters. SKANTI TRP series are very useful. The best are 750 and 400 watt versions. BUT the 250w
is also a good unit. The original valve based transmitters are still used, but later FET based units are far
more efficient, and make running from batteries or generators easier! And save electricity / fuel-costs too.

Early in 2020 the last of the SKANTI HF/SSB units and it's aerial-tuner failed, destroying both! And the attack
on the Kent mediumwave site at the end of Feb 2020 destroyed the 80watt transmitter and link. So there has been a
panic to get the mediumwave and the 6995kHz USB running again. And in 2021 one of the valve-based 48-Metre-band
Transmitters failed, although I've now repaired that unit. (again...)

Our aerial systems often get damaged in high winds!, but vandals armed with clubs and metal-bars is getting nasty!
The studio is a shared facility also used for recording / editing for a soundscapes website, and used by us when
not being used. We can often only make use of this at weekends. We are looking to fund our own more permanant
studio and hilltop sites to allow more regular broadcasts, and cover a greater area.
URGENT Fundraising Appeal...

Hello all TOR Radio listeners! I'm trying to fund the purchase of various things to keep the station on-air...
so if you wish to help out it would be very useful!

ALSO, I have a wish-list....

Broadcast-Audio-mixers, rackmount CD players, Turntables, Microphones and stands,
Effects processors, Compressors/limiters, STL-Linking eqp't.

Link and Transmitter site parts.
fixed and portable aerial-masts, uhf YAGI antennas, microwave link gear,
HF transmitters from 100w to 5000w AM and SSB covering Mediumwave 500-1600kHz and 3,800-12,000kHz SW bamds,
aerial tuners, marine HF transmitters, compact / silent diesel generators (6kv single phase). Servers/Computers.

Premesis and storage.
hilltop sites in rural locations (Ex MOD/ROC bunkers are good), storage facilities,
vacant-lots and parking-spaces, and lockable shipping-containers to put on them. Vans for mobile studios.

PLEASE, if you can help out. Together we can change the world. Many Thanks Ra

What it costs..... (all prices are in UK pounds)
30    will buy records and CDs to use on air.
100   will pay for a simple HF or MW antenna.
350   will pay for an automatic antenna tuner
390   will buy A cheap 20Watt AM transmitter
420   and we can buy a pair of cd players.
600   pays for a used mixer and audio cabling.
700   And we can buy a cheap maritime radio-unit.
980   and we can install a 50-foot mast at a site.
1225  will buy a 6kw / 8kw generator.
1300  will get a 20 foot shipping container.
1725  for a complete radio linking system.
1850  for a 40-foot shipping container.
1900  will get A 1000Watt AM transmitter.
2200  will buy a used van and tax it for a year.
3250  will equip a basic radio studio. 
25000 will rent a studio/office for a year.
55000 will buy outright a hill-top radio site.

Our time, work, Arrest-records and lives we willingly give for nothing.

In the past, Donations have allowed TOR-Radio to buy a good second-hand broadcast mixer, Rack-mount CD-Players, CDs/Records.
Three transmitters from 20-500watts both AM and FM, a pair of record-decks and many parts for repairs etc.. Many Thanks for your help.

Here's our Pay-Pal donations page.

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ETH And here is the Etherium Account