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      28/03/2021    Just a sample of the Music played by us here at 
If you've been listening regularly you've probably noticed that there are some really interesting tracks
played on the station (It's not just about the RANTS!). Here are a few of the bands played on the station,
and if we've got them, links to the bands webpage or BANDCAMP-Page.

If you are a new band and want us to play your trax. email/call/etc.. and get ON-AIR.

Many of the bands here are DIY-bands so buying a CD, album or other merch' 
from them will help to keep them going, and produce even more new material !

The tracks and bands below are in no particular order, are fairly random so plase don't be offended if you're at the beginning or end of the listings. if your band is listed here and you want us to add more contact info/webpage, Please get in touch
The first anarcho-punk tracks I ever played on-air were by CRASS This was back in the days of WNKR FM (pre shortwave days) a pirate station in the Mid-late 80's Still play some of the tracks on-air and they are well worth a listen. Great lyrics and a beat that will shock you into listening! many of the lyrics are still very valid...! ..
Stations of the CRASS (BANDCAMP Page) Feeding of the 5000 (BANDCAMP Page) Penis Envy (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Hagar The Womb this is another recent album to hit the station. Check 'em out.. Hagitate (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- This album from The Usurpers Arrived here in feb/mch 2021 and there are some great tracks on it. Been playing a couple of them on the station. Borderless nation is one of them, Salt-Lake-City USA The Userpers (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- A few years ago I started playing a KENT based band Surgery without Research saw them live at a small gig in east Kent before the lockdowns., and hope be seeing them again after the lockdown chaos is over. .. Simon Says (BANDCAMP Page) Fuck authority Fuck conformity (BANDCAMP Page) Birth Lies War Death (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Sanction This... A couple of albums from SANCTION THIS Great stuff.... . Sanction-This (BANDCAMP Page) We Are Abandoned (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Eve Libertine a recent arrival at the studio. This beautiful work is from Eve Libertine who's superb voice, worked well with CRASS in the 80's, and who must have inspired thousands of us! This is SEA adapted from Jack Kerouac's poem. Sea (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Subhumans of course, and so many great tracks to choose from. Internal Riot (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Penny Rimbaud As soon as Christ's reality asylym arrived here it was played in-full on-air. Great stuff! .. What Passing Bells (BANDCAMP Page) War and Peace (BANDCAMP Page) Christ's Reality Asylum (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- We popped-out to a local gig in kent and saw these guys. The Long Knives Well worth seeing. The Long Knives (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Rudimentry Peni This came into the studio in early 2021 and was played on-air the next weekend. Looking forward to playing it a bit more.... Great war (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Proud City Fathers PCF have made some superb tracks, I can't list them all here as there just isn't the space! But here are a couple of the albums to check-out. . Outposts (BANDCAMP Page) Clone factory (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- This album MOTH (Machine Nation) arrived, posted from the band. in Australia. If you've not heard of MOTH, Give them a go, Great sound... Machine Nation (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- DOGMA another recent arrival at the station. The world at peace, not in pieces (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Classic and brilliant stuff from Criminal Mind This is only a couple of thier albums... . Debut Album (BANDCAMP Page) Life To Defend (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- The Fat Panthers not your typical anarcho-punk band, but a Fab folk-band. I love all the tracks on the album, One in particular gets played often! It's Out of Sight....! Nine tunes and a song (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Captain Hotknives with a certain sense of humour, again not an anarcho-punk band, but Great tracks, This is just one Hotknives album. There are more available, all have some humourous and thought-provoking trax to listen to. I end up singing trax of thier albums and get told to shup-up a lot! and fed coffee to keep me quiet. (Which makes me hyperactive and even worse!) The Pidgeons told me to Shoplift (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- The Drunken Marksmen a recent band and they are going to go far if this is anything to go by. This album arrived in the studio late in 2020, played on-air a bit ! Decline of mankind (BANDCAMP Page) ------------------------------------------- Energetic Kent based band, The Nervous Dogs great to see live. Caught them at a gig in Kent before the lockdowns. Hope to hear more from them... Modern-Life is a Heart-Attack (BANDCAMP Page)
Like I said.. In no particular order of preferance, and an incomplete list of the music played here on the radio-station. I'm sure this list will grow bigger with time.