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    16/08/2023  latest news.... 
August 13th/14th back on 104.8 FM for the first time in ages. Usually we're on Mediumwave
and shortwave only. Got into N-Kent and Essex with 7+ hours of punk tracks.
July 22/23 Mediumwave 954kHz using a temporary site/setup and a compact magnetic-loop

On air 23/24 of June. That's tomorrow and Saturday. Usual B-Block times. Info on our
twitter-feed #TorRadio

24-25 Mch 2023. tests on 3945, and the usual music and rants on mediumwave. All sounding good.
March 2023. Been a trying time here at TOR RADIO. I spent a bit of time in hospital, and still
not recovered. And we've still not found a replacement for the north/mid kent output site.
Until a replacement site can be found we're going to be back to what we were doing before 2020
and popping-up on mediumwave and FM bands whenever we can. Keep an ear open for us. and remember
if you are not local there are some good SDR SITES in our area and you can hear us through them

Feb 2023. Had a long weekend trying new locations for the 6400kHz and 3940kHz kit in kent
Not found the next studio location yet, or the next group of TX Sites.. Still exploring.
January 2023.. So much has changed over the past 30 days!. We have had to close down the
studio-2 site that we opened in Mid-Kent a few years ago. It was getting far too many suspicious
vehicles driving-past. One was followed back to it's base, and for this reason the studio-site
was closed down with immediate effect! We're using an alternate studio site until a full-time
replacement studio location can be found. This has caused us to be off-air for the whole of JAN.
Last broadcast of 2022 has just finished. We'll be back in Jan 2023. Broadcasts started on
954kHz at 1100 UTC friday 30th Dec, and ran at full-power for 2 hours, Then on again at 1800
through the night ar reduced power. Then back to full power again at 0245 on the 31st December
for another 2 hours of music and rants. Been a busy year ! we'll be back in a couple of weeks.
After running a few tests on the kit on the 7th at low-power we left the transmitters running
for a couple of hours with a random punk playlist (Just Testing... Honest !). Then on the
9th and 10th of December the music and rants went out in the early hours as usual.
11 NOV On air on mediumwave band, and 41m band too for the first hour. Hum on the audio-link.
12 Nov Mediumwave only today. got rid of some of the hum on the link. anti-Racism and other rants
21-Oct Testing for an hour after repairs to the mediumwave transmitter's Aerial-Tuning-Unit. 954.
10/12 Oct. issues with the mediumwave setup meant we were only on the 6995kHz slot for these two
morning broadcasts. The Antenna tuner was arcing-out on the 954kHz setup. Possibly due to damp.
22nd Early hours music programme, (no rants). 23/24 music and rants class-war, Julian Assange etc
8th/9th Sept. Early morning broadcasts. Back in Kent. Anti Gov't / J-Assange. And great music.
08 Sept. getting ready for the next broadcasts. Did a Julian Assange special broadcast from a
Midlands site as a test of the transportable broadcast kit on the 25th. And TX/link tests today.
19/20th August. 954kHz Mediumwave from S.E. UK location, and prepping for the broadcast on the 25th
22nd/23rd July. on mediumwave as usual, using the horizontal-loop, and also 48-Metres through the
directional antenna at 120 degrees (pointing east-south-east). two hours of fab punk and rants.
8th July checking out the links and broadcasting on the usual 42M freq. and 9th July we did a
Pissed Off with Political Bullshit broadcast playing 3 hours of continuous punk tracks with no rants.

24th June 1 hour, 25th June 2hrs. Mediumwave transmissions from a site in Kent.
Broadcasts on 9th, 10th and 11th of June. the 9th was the engineers playing anarcho-punk tracks on
48 and 42 metres testing the links. and on 10th/11th a two hour special about Julian assange's
un-lawful imprisonment in Belmarsh. Broadcasts this weekend from a test-location in east sussex.

27/28 May. BACK AGAIN. High amounts of RF energy from the transmitters caused damage to one of the
limiters during the last broadcast, so a work-around was done to get the station back this weekend.
I get asked why we have a reasonably high fail-rate on the station's kit. TOR-Radio is the original
pop-up pirate station, this means that transmitters generators, studios and the audio links between
them are not at fixed-locations like legal radio stations. It's a bit like doing a quirky outside-
broadcast with the added risk of police/OffCom/And other nasty-bastards messing with us. All of
this and the rain / sleet and other complications mean the kit has a harder life than usual.
It's not un-common for transmitters etc to be damaged by rain, or items to be stolen or damaged!
This is also why we ask for donations to keep it all running. (12 years now and still battling-on).

13-may. problems at the studio caused broadcasts to end early this weekend. We now need to find
a replacement studio-mixer, or get busy repairing this one.
16/17 This weekend we're having barbeque and home baked bread at the Kent engineering workshop and will
also be doing a few repairs on the second of the vintage valve-based 48M band transmitters in case it's
needed in the future as a backup for the usual transmitter.

We still need a big generator to run the higher-power kit. (6kva diesel would be good. Many Thanks).

15/16 April. 954 kHz fri/sat. Using a large horizontal loop antenna. (also marconi 2955 now repaired!)
27th The radio testset (a marconi 2955B/R) died this morning so repairs to that will now take priority
as we do not have the funds available to buy a secondhand replacement (approx 1700 UKP).

March 25th / 26th. using backup 954kHz mediumwave transmitter for early morning punk/political shows

March 11th and 12th. Mediumwave ran both days from 0500-0700 UTC. 42M ssb transmission ran through
the re-located magnetic-loop. Loop direction was rotated to improve coverage to NE-Europe, but a fault
with the high-voltage capacitor caused SSB broadcasts to end early on the 42 Metre Band.

Feb 27 2022. Been asked if we are going to do any reports from London demos / vigils re Ukraine
Russia conflict. We are asking for anyone visiting the events if they can record and get in touch
If you want to get your voice / opinion on-air see the "your voice" link. Many Thanks

Feb 2022 we've been building sets of microwave links to connect the studios in SE-UK to the
locations we use for the broadcasts. Our microwave Test kit is not really up to the job, but we now
have the first two sets ready to be tested on-air in the next month or so. I'll keep you all updated.
We still need a replacement for the big 6.5kVa generator which was taken last Nov' if anyone has one!
Low power tests NOW ! (3/Jan/2022) for repairs on big 954 transmitter by Sam/Ra. due off at 0900.
Last broadcast for 2021 was 24/25 Dec running Low-Power from a small generator as the transmitter
causes the small genny's speed to speed-up and slow down wnen used on higher powers.

In the early hours of 27th Nov 2021 some nasty git pinched the 6.5kVa diesel generator and trailer
from the output site (while it was running). and caused the broadcast to end a couple of hours early.

Ran the big 954 kHz transmitter for a few hours 12/13th Nov and 18th Nov. It sounds very clear.

In NOV-2021 we started using a late-night / early-hours slot, this is to improve reception in some
more distant locations. And the next few broadcasts will continue this trial. e-mail if you hear us.

Oct 17 2021 On 42m this evening, and continuing this transmission on 1602. Some noise reported
on the mediumwave sites link. We are operating on reduced power (25w) due to this problem.

Oct 1 2021 testing three transmitters today. (started at 1200UTC) with music on 1600 6400, and 954.
ran 13 hour and 6 hour through the night programmes and tested some new audio filtering kit.

Sept-2021 Tests with Magnetic-loops on 42/43M bands went well, and we're currently building more loops
for the 48M and other bands. Last "local" transmission was on mediumwave only as the 105,8 channel
is now in use by a licensed oldies station. Listen out for the new FM allocations in use.

On air today 7/8/21, and despite trying a new aerial setup the interferance problems continue.
I think we'll have to look for another, hopefully more perminant link and output site. So we could be
off-air for a while as we don't currently have the funds available for that!

Transmitter move to new location for the broadcast on 17thJuly went very well, but now we're getting
interferance and forced to use low-power.

Working on another AM transmitter to replace one of the units damaged in a raid in 2020. This should be
ready for use later in the year

3-July-21 Ran a two and a half hour punk/rock/folk special with rants at HMP in SE-London for JAs 50th
this went out as "The B-B-C... BELMARSH BROADCASTING CLUB 104.8 FM"

12-June 2021 only ran for one hour due to noises getting into the link between the studio and TX-site

Broadcasts on the 29th and 30th went well, these shows went out primarily to promote a KTB demo in the
Portsmouth area next weekend. Also repairs on one of the older/original 48 metre band Valve-Based
transmitters had started. I have a replacement audio amplifier, but still need a modulation transformer.

May 2nd spent yesterday in T-square London. Todays b/c was also due on 48M but transmitter modulator
sections failed rather dramatically. Mod-Transformer / Mod-Amp failure. So on 1602 Mediumwave only.

April 17th broadcast some new music and some new rants.
April 1-14 (14 days) Evening transmissions on FM on two seperate frequencies "Transmission Unknown"

March 21,28 The new FM transmitter works well!. It and a 20 watt Mediumwave were on this weekend.

Feb2021. Had a donation, and now have another commercial FM transmitter which should be ready to
go On-Air next month. It's already been tuned to our frequencies, and it's now being tested....
Broadcasts on 20th/21st all OK on 105.8 and 1602, Noises reported on 48M band.

Jan/Feb 2021. More interesting broadcasts, and a few new bands. so expect to hear some new rants
and music over the coming few months. a couple of the last broadcasts were cut-short by rain/snow
in the linking-kit and transmitters. The backup 48M transmitter has now been repaired.
Dec 2020. New linking kit being tested this month, Also Repairs to one of the older HF transmitters.
It's the standby Valve-Based 48M band TX that needs repair/service. The link is being installed as
a remote studio link this month. ALSO, Just picked-up a compressor-limiter for the Mid-Kent studio.

27th Dec rain stops play as water de-tuned the 48m band antenna. 1602 Mediumwave is still all OK.

1-NOV-2020 Studio time now reffered to as UTC instead of GMT in protest against UK isolationism.

31-oct and 1-Nov 2020 new rants and music. low power on 48M as the O/P site is really not good!

10-Oct-2020 Loads of music, and latest rants some interferance on AM, but FM all OK.

01/02 Oct. 1820-0530 on 1602 / 105.8. then 6400 kHz AM, then back to 105.8 until 1030GMT

3rd/4th Sept. testing the audio stream using a remote micro system (pi-based) and a wi-fi link
ran for 16 hours with loads of music through the night, and music/political rants during the day.

7-aug-2020 music from all the usual bands including some local talent and a few tracks from new bands

broadcasts at the start of the month 1st/2nd cut short due to generator / power problems

More kit bought, We have almost enough kit for another studio to be set-up many thanks for your help!
Had a donation and bought a secondhand soundcraft mixer for one of the studios. in use June/July 2020.
Managed to sell some of our old household things here and buy another Low-Power 1602kHz transmitter

Tests at the end of March and through april will be using some of the older kit. The newer AM and
SSB transmitters were lost over the past couple of months, so old-kit out of storage and back into use.

Our feb/march transmissions were ended early by an attack on the output site resulting in the loss
of the 1602 mediumwave transmitter it's link and the use of the site for any future broadcasts.

Sat 8th Feb. 6400 and 1602 rants against canadian government and R.C.M.P. About gas pipeline on
Wet'Suwet'en First-Nations teritory without the consent of the chiefs.

End of Jan start of Feb there have been engineering tests on 6400kHz AM using two of the old valve-
based transmitters and a replacement aerial-tuning-unit. Testing on 6400 and 6995 will continue 1/2 Jan.

The test on 31/1/2020 ended with an appeal for help replacing the shortwave SSB transmitter.

The transmissions on the 18th/19th of Jan were stopped once again by faults in the aerial system.
When the 42 Metre band (6995 kHz USB) transmitter was powered-up the aerial tuning unit failed to
match and destroyed the transmitter. This was the stations only high-power transmitter, and now only
a low-power (125 Watt) unit is available until it is repaired or replaced. Next transmissions will be
on the 48 Metre band on the original frequency of 6400kHz AM, until the transmitter is replaced.

If you have a 250 to 750watt marine/broadcast shortwave set we can have, please get in touch !

Sat 04 Jan 2020. Weekend transmission All Ok. Activity at output site cut sunday broadcasts short.
Saturday 21st (Winter Solstice) was spent in Ramsgate at a punk gig. and then back to base to set-up for
the transmissions 1602 and 6995USB. 6995kHz is now the staions main frequency and only occasionaly on the
48m band frequency of 6400kHz. Test-Tones and morse now precede transmissions to help set-up etc...

Been doing some repairs on the 250 watt SSB transmitter, and testing the 1602 AM mediumwave kit.
in preperation for the broadcasts next weekend. (21/22 Dec 2019). Also Checking out the 45 foot mast.

Text for the Oct/Nov broadcasts is up. (see the text-files above) MP3 will follow shortly. This weekend
is on Six-Nine-Nine-Five USB. The main 48M band sender will be on again in December.
The next political broadcasts for December will be released Early December. Keep an ear out for it.

November transmissions (early-hours) are more on greed, and politics / voting / Anti-Fascism. These are
still on 6995kHz USB and locally on 1602 / VHF-FM.

Transmission on the 21st went all ok with 20Watts on 1602 and 80W on 6995USB. But on 22nd the antenna
refused to match to to the 48M (6400kHz) transmitter. and caused it to fail. The 6995USB was put on-air
while the reserve transmitter was set-up. This was used tor the remainder of the broadcast. The reserve
unit is a FET based 60 watt unit and doesn't sound as warm as the valve based main-TX (now being repaired).

Mediumwave transmitter has now been repaired It was recovered from site after a recent broadcast when rain
had got into the power supply. The FM and shortwave transmitters were all Ok.

The station has been on-air for a few hours a few times a month for the past few months.
Usually 6400 and 3945, (as well as FM and Mediumwave locally). Also, the ssb tests on 43metres have been
more regular for the past four broadcasts using our 250 watt SSB transmitter (For Night broadcasts).

I/P Feed (when used) is ONLY available via the "Harrys-Playground" ( maze.
only a limited number of connections can attach at any time, so please don't ask for a link!

3945 in the 75M band, 6400 (and other) in the 48M band, also occasionally in the 42M and 43M bands, SSB.
poss on other SW frequencies. Various VHF/FM worldwide, and locally on mediumwave at 1602kHz.