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(Update= 12/11/2020)
       July 2019  Probing into protesters.  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

Any police / military or armed attacks on the general population who are protesting against particular form of government 
      should be treated as a crime against the democratic process.

any person who takes violent action against either peaceful anti-government protest, OR anti-government protesters 
who are attempting to protect themselves against the attacks of the police / military / etc.. are criminals who are
attempting to pervert the progression of democracy in order to serve the needs of the greedy minority.

The police and the military are the servants of the people. NOT the tools of the government. 

The eavesdropping, intercepting of messages and e-mails, the photographing and the infiltration of these anti-
government groups should not be allowed.

It is not the place of the government to fight to protect itself against change...  Rather the opposite, 
any government that fails to change to comply with the requirements of the population should find themselves 
the target of protests, opposition and if necissary violence to force them to become accountable to the people 
who ultimately they are responsible to. 

Here in the UK we seem to be willing to just allow the greedy self-serving bastards in government to bully and tax
us all into submission. promises of a better future is not good enough when the fat-cats just get fatter while
the rest of us starve...   Now is the time for action against the government. Now is your time to attack.

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2019.