Digital Press-Gang
       August 2019  on prophets and gods.  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

Many people go through life following gods, prophets and other supreme beings, 
attempting to do the "right thing" to please them.
following various religions and belief structures. 
trying to please some long dead, 
	or more-likely non existant entity until they die, 

or in some cases they kill themselves and many others in the name of their beliefs,
	and in the pathetic hope of claiming some fake afterlife-promise.

These people really do need to get a grip on reality. 
	You are living and dying for nothing.
	After you are dead, there is NOTHING, only Death itself.

I have been told that religion brings comfort to many people, 
	Or brings meaning or reason to their existance. 
	well, so does raising and petting kittens!

If you believe that when you are dead your soul will go to a far-far better place, 
 or your god or prophet will love you more, 
	in my opinion you should be locked up for being insane! 

when you die you become dead. 
	You become compost, worm food, or if you are cremated, dust. and that is all...

This life you are living now, is the only one you have got. 
	It's not a practice or dry-run for a fantasy after-life. 
	When you die, you are dead. There is no after-life, no heaven, no hell. 

They were invented to keep the non-intelligent and the lower classes in their place,
	by controling thier thoughts and reenforcing the class-system

These useless beliefs occupy your time, corrupt your thoughts and fund those who choose to rule.
	They keep the churches rich, while The remainder of the population are 
	charmed into being content with thier life of slavery to the system.
	with only empty promises for thier reward.

All religions play on the weaknesses of the human mind. 
	Our needs to perpetuate, and the in-built desire for survival 
	and uses this to perpetuate this obscene system.

This is the basis of the class systems that are maintained in many countries around the world.
	These same systems that seek to produce barriers between people, placing families, above others.
	Who then use their influance, money and supporters to fight for power and become the corrupt
	leaders, dictators and royalty. that plague the modern world.


This does not just apply to christians. 
muslims, hindus, jews, all religions, you are all living in a fantasy world. 

Most children stop believing in father christmas and the tooth-fairy very quickly. 
	But it seems these sick religious beliefs  are positively fostered and pandered to in this world of ours. 

We have allowed these belief systems, and faith in the supernatural to become the basis for our governments, and legal systems. 

We allow them to continue to bully, blackmail, lie, and to prey on the weak. 

We give them charity status and allow them to avoid paying tax. when they should in reality be taxed out of existence!

All religious organizations are in the business of perpetuating these lies,  
and they all try to control you and use you as a slave to further their selfish goals.

In the past, the guidelines which formed the basis for some of these religions may have been an important guide to staying alive. 
but these have been lost and corrupted over the years and turned into the pathetic sacred rituals 
    which all good people are supposed to obey in the fear of retribution from thier pathetic gods.

Wars have been fought, millions slaughtered in the name of various religions, gods and prophets. 
Oceans of blood poured away, flesh torn, lives destroyed by command of our psycopathicly sick leaders.

do they believe in this lie? or are they using you to serve their selfish desire to gather riches and to control?

If you are tempted to follow some religion, and some promise of a better afterlife,
 wake yourself up before it's too late.

Follow a far simpler set of guidelines for your life. treat others with respect, and expect the same from them. 
Remember, you can do anything you like, so long as it affects no one else. 

You may make or own things to improve the quality of your life but in the end you will die like everyone else. 
No amount of money will prevent this, although It may delay it a for a while. 

A good diet, healthy lifestyle, and open mind will prolong your life, 
and make you feel far better than all the gods, prophets and money in the world.

Try to help others, you too may well need help one day! 
Have children, replace yourselves, and only yourselves. 
BUT, always remember that you are responsible for them, for feeding them, their education and other needs.
and if you cannot do this don't have children.

Always be prepared to defend yourself, your rights, and to give others the same rights as you expect for yourself.
If you receive poor service, from those you choose as your leaders, organisers etc.. complain. 
And if nobody listens find others, and shout louder.   This life is ours, It is all we have, and it's your most valuable asset. 
CLAIM IT   FIGHT FOR IT   NOT For some government, royal slave driving scum and definately not for a greedy god.

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2019.