Digital Press-Gang
        Tor    On Fascism (part1)    By RA, for broadcast Sept 7/8 2019

This was recorded outside the BBC's building in west London August 2019.   

This is a group of anti-fascist protesters trying to uphold un-biased, non-racist, views. 
Equality and sanity in a world going mad.


A group of protesters supporting racist and fascist views were confronted by at least two separate groups of 
Anti Fascist counter-demonstrators. some anarchist and others more socialist.  

I joined them to find out more.
This was my first meeting with this group. and it was quite a revelation.  
The whole event started for us in south London as we jumped aboard a train for central London. 
Then after a tube trip we joined a small but growing group at oxford circus.


Chatting to the people there showed them to be just normal everyday people who are very worried by the rise of
the far-right groups. 
These weren't a bunch of hard-core troublemakers. 
OK there were some strong opinions in the group. but the majority were just like you and me.    

Some folks here won't remember the troubles of the late 70's and 80's.
I grew-up in south-east London. Not far from welling, and remember well the national-front and BNP causing 
total sodding chaos and fucking it up for the rest of us with their taunts and protests in the local area.  
There was violence too. The riots in the woolwich and plumstead areas were bad I remember it very well.
None of us want to see anything like that again.

The group we joined up with were the L.A.F.A. A group of anti-fascists based in London. 
They are well organized and highly motivated, and are a total inspiration to the rest of us!  

After an hour or so we all headed off towards the home of the BBC, in west London. 
We were escorted by the police, and the police presence was in my opinion very overkill. 
They even had two lorry loads of horses parked around the corner.

The "free tommy" group were already there, not that many of them, From the photo's I took it looked like about 
30 people, growing later to about twice that.   

The L.A.F.A. group were totally surrounded by the police who then proceeded to taunt and bait the protesters. 
While opposite, police stood alongside the fascist group.

The LAFA group were joined later by another large group and the police decided for some reason to try and keep
the two groups apart!


It was very clear that the police were there not to stop conflict, but to try and start it!  
Openly being non aggressive to the fascist protesters giving them space to protest, and standing alongside them chatting,
while bullying the anti-fascist groups.

On a couple of occasions the police were starting fights on the sides of the Anti Fascist protesters.

Some of the protesters were even prevented from leaving the group to go to the toilet!.  

Police who behave like this should be prosecuted. They are as bad as the scumbags on the fascist side!

Fascism is in-excusable. 
And those people who blur the lines between Normal-national-pride, The love of your country, 
and the racist and fascist ideals should be treated as criminals, 

I really thought we had got beyond the racist biased views, the alf-garnet like attitudes. but obviously not.  


Away from the marches and demonstrations I've talked to people with far-right views. 
They see themselves as the protectors of all that is good,. the thin line protecting against evil. 
keeping Britain British and defending the country from destruction. 
But that's wrong.   

They are generally yobbish and relatively unintelligent people  being used as the thick end of the stick by 
the people who lead them and fund them.   

Does anyone ask where the funding for these groups is coming from?  These fascist and racist groups are being 
used as tools of the greedy, and fodder of the elitist muppet minority.


The anti-fascist sides though, and there are several of them seem to be made-up of more level-headed and 
less biased people who want to see this country, and indeed many countries all over the world, progress and 
seek solutions to problems on the whole without the pathetic bullying tactics and yob-behaviour.

Only using it when needed to defend themselves against the attacks of the far right, and then often being accused 
and persecuted by the authorities.

OK some of the anti fascist groups are biased towards socialism but not all. There are as I've said many separate
groups on the ANTI-side. 

When the police are seen to support the violent-yobs, and actively work against the normal people they don't do 
themselves any favours.   

Let's face it when one muppet police person behaves like a stupid wanker. He, (and yes it usually is a he).
make all of them wearing that uniform look like total wankers right along with them...

And then they have no control of the situation as they are seen as being a part of it, and the cause of conflict.

It would be really great to see more co-operation between the Anti-Fascist / Anti-Racist / and other like minded
groups. Working together we can achieve far more than working alone. Support each other and fight for our future...

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2019.