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        Tor    Thoughts On GREED and Selfishness    By RA, for broadcast Oct 12/13 2019

Anarchism is a superb system. and it actually works. But it only seems to operate well in small communities.
I would love to see autonomous anarchist communities grow in this country.  That would be fantastic.

But in the current climate, of greed, corruption, and selfishness. it's not likely to work too well.

When people take what they want, rather than what they need, When we see what someone else has and want that 
for ourselves, and want the same or better. That's when the problems start. 

I'm sure that we all want a long and healthy life, There's nothing wrong with that, that's understandable,
and very normal.  But greed, that's completely different.

We should try to remember. There have always has been, and probably always will be greedy people.
But it's these people who mess it up for the rest of us. and most of the time they don't even care that the rest of
us are suffering because of their greed.

I'm not talking about people who work hard, and gather the things around them that they like. 
But those who take more than they deserve at the expense of others.

When people start to chase money at any cost, they do so at the expense of those who can afford it the least.

Why is it that those who work the hardest seem to be the poorest in this current system. while the greedy, and lazy 
seem to breeze through life at their expense?


Landlords are a good example of this, and it's interesting to hear just how some of these people got started. 

I hate the term "property portfolio", it makes me angry that a small minority of greedy bastards drive thousands of 
others into a form of slavery either to low-paid or temporary work, often for agencies that find them work, but at
very low wages, while they invoice much more to the actual employer. OR, stuck on the benefits-system unable to take
paid work as it simply doesn't pay enough to fund their life. 

These landlords often set their rent levels at the maximum that the benefits system pays, and this excludes
many hard working people from getting an affordable roof over their families heads. 

Self employed and agency workers can have a very bad time with this. In most cases a large deposit needs to be 
found as well as the first months rent. For many people who are living week-by-week this is often not possible.  

I was talking to a chap living on the beach near me. He worked but was homeless and couldn't afford rent.
he said he was saving for a deposit on a room! What kind of system puts people in this situation?

I've known people who have inherited a property and let it out, then gone on to buy other properties with the 
money made from the first. It's far more common than you'd think. I used to work at a stable yard, and got 
talking to some people there who were on their sixth property. They had let-out their place and used the 
income to apply for loans and mortgages, and carried on collecting more and more properties until they could stop 
their full-time jobs and simply live off the hard work of others. They were trying to buy another every year.

Owning properties is NOT a job, and it should be a crime! These scumbag landlords hike-up rent-prices and force
the poorer members of our society into debt. or leave them stuck on benefits as paid-work simply won't cover
the bills.

  I live in a small area and there are a few people who each seem to have dozens, and in some cases over a 
hundred properties. This is not good.  It's got to stop!

Other landlords trap low-earners into short leases and then sting them for massive ground-rents every year.
Often the ground rent is more then the council tax!   The whole property ownership system needs some serious


The pre-brexit era shows us that many politicians here in the UK can simply not be trusted. and I'm really
surprised that the population hasn't started petrol-bombing their local MPs homes and other places allied to the 
selfish, greedy system. Like Police stations, council offices etc...  

But we seem to be lazy and compliant in this country.  As long as the TV works and we can get on the internet 
we just pretend everything is well..

Well it fucking isn't.  Wake up! 


We are being arse-fucked by politicians.  we're being fleeced by councils charging for services that we don't want, 
can't use or that they have no-intention of providing.

Business and private drivers are being targeted. Ever increasing taxes and fuel-prices most of which is tax!. Increasing 
insurance year-by-year caused by greedy fraudulent claimants. The government and the police use money that should be used
to grow our communities and instead invest millions in CCTV systems, traffic-cameras, and computer-databases.

Where do the profits go? not back into the local communities. but into increased wages for government workers and their 
slave-driving bullying stooges, and into the benefits system to pay for the greedy and lazy there..

Government agencies and many other greedy slave-driving bastards who think they can get away with it, seem to use
the population of this country as slave-labour to fund their fascistic-lifestyles. 


It's not just the government and the system that's to blame here. In many cases everyday people just take everything
they can and don't give a flying-fuck for anyone else.  When I was working in London in the late 1990's I was up at
five in the morning and working for 12 hours a day. Paying my mortgage, paying off a loan, council-tax and 
everything else.  I couldn't afford to save money, or take holidays, I couldn't afford to get people in to help me 
get my house turned into a home. It had no kitchen , the walls were bare and some were just bricks. ceilings were just 
wooden joists, no plaster, no wallpaper, very little plumbing.

Three doors away were a couple, five kids, She was working and claiming benefits too. He was buying and selling cars 
on the side while claiming disability benefits. 

He actually said that he was lucky that the youngest was registered disabled as he gets his car paid for, better school etc..

They all went on holiday 2 or 3 times a year. When they went to Spain, they rented 2 chalets one for the kids as they 
wanted peace and didn't want to hear them!  I asked if they cared about the others who had to put up with their kids noise.  
He just shrugged and said "not my problem". They would smuggle duty-free stuff back into the country in their cases,
(even the kids cases) and he said it pays for the whole holiday, which was cheaper anyway as they took the kids out of 
school for holiday during term-time.

These people are lazy selfish wankers. users of the system. and making the rest of us pay for their lazy life-choices
through our hard work.


It was then that I decided that I would get off this shitty greedy system.  I stopped working in London and did jobs for cash, 
whenever I was paid by cheque it went into the bank and at the end of the year my expenses costs etc would mean that 
my income was below the tax-threshold, so no tax. And for nearly twenty years I've not paid a penny.  I had help, a very
good friend helped me get my house decorated after I spent my non-busy times working on the plumbing/electrics/building etc..
and I sold the place just before the prices dropped in the early 2000s, I paid off everything I owed and haven't borrowed a 
penny since.

My attitude now is.. 
If the greedy politicians, bank-bosses, directors of large companies, and other scumbags etc.. can fleece the system, avoid 
paying taxes on their millions, claim expenses for non-work related things and give themselves huge pay-rises and shit over
those below them. I will not help them.

Now I just work as hard as I need to, I claim expenses for what I've actually used and need, I try to help others whenever
I can, I never over-charge for the work I do, and I live my way, but do not fund their system. and do not claim benefits.


In all cases. Greed and selfishness are the destroyers of everything good.  

From greedy selfish individuals, to greedy and selfish countries.

Forcing us to work until we die, or sending us to war so they can steal the resources from others. 

They try to justify their pathetic lives making profits for themselves and their friends, with empty promises for the rest of us.
They use national pride, Love of queen country, they use religion, they use bribery, corruption and violence.

They turn people against eachother, destroy communities, 

They watch it all like we're the desperate fish dying in a bowl of shit-filled water.
just the occasional breadcrumb to watch us fight eachother. and keep us from attacking them.

They have failed us. They have used us. They must be stopped.

It's OUR turn now. We must stop the GREEDY, and help the NEEDY..

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2019.