Digital Press-Gang
       May 2020    Covid Virus 2020.  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

A fair number of us were born in the punk-era. A time of strikes, racism and
a time when the authority of governments was challenged. 

We were used to telling our teachers, parents, and each-other just to fuck off.  
My mum still reminds me of my rebellious past, and knows very little about my 
current activities!.

When I was younger it seemed like every week I was stopped by a dickhead cop
or some muppet secuity-type wanted to try and search me. And now during these
viral times it's starting again.  There is no real need for anyone to know 
where you are going, your name or your motives provided you aren't causing
problems that will screw-up other people's lives.  

The petty minded secutity guards and jobsworth brainded cops who seem to thrive
on being bullies are now happy once more. Dressed in their wanna-be-special, tactical
jackets with thier batman-type utility belts. they think they have the right to 
fuck you about...

We all know these dickheads are just-that,  A waste of good breathing-air.
BUT we should treat it as a reminder that we all have our freedoms, and the 
responsibility to keep ourselves and our families our friends etc, safe too. 

There are some who seem to think they are immune from catching this virus, and 
therefore are insisting that they should just be allowed to go on with life as usual.

these people aren't neccisarily thinking about the consequences of thier actions.

These people are sometimes the more stupid members of our communities. They will
of course still catch the virus, Still suffer from it's effects, and die,  and 
even worse pass it on to the others around them. I heard one teenager saying to his mate,
"I don't care, if they die I'll get the fucking house". I assume the "they" are his
parents.  I'm just thankful that all teenagers aren't as selfish as this.

These self-important people who lack a common sense are the ones who will make the whole thing far 
worse for everybody through thier own stupidity. and will keep this virus happily
infecting people for years to come because they have plenty of self-rightiousness
and fuck all common-sense.

The freedom to do whatever we want, Whenever we want is fantastic. But we need
to remember the other part of that deal....   and thats the part that says
....So long as it affects nobody else....  As anarchists we all want our freedoms
and will fight for them, and we know internally,that this has both freedoms and limitations
all together in that one deal.  

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2020.