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       June 2020    Abuse of Trust.  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....
You may have heard the line.  Power Corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

If there was any doubt of this  just take a look at the actions of our government 
during the covid outbreak.

We have politicians lining thier own pockets and getting non existant contracts
for thier friends and families while the health services go without the basics
needed for the safety of thier staff.

It's very nice to see the publics support for the essential services during the 
lockdowns, but this is a media-led insignificance in the scheme of things, mainly
spouted on behalf of the same government who are busy robbing the country blind.

Why are we not hearing on the news about the un-fulfilled contracts awarded to the 
bankrupt companies, some of which are blatently owned by friends and relatives
of those who should be serving us, the public.  

I'm not just talking about a few thousand pounds here and there.  but millions paid
up-front for services and equipment that was never going to arrive. 

Those thieving fuckers in government are robbing the public. filling thier own banks
with money stolen from us,   These politicians need to be stopped NOW. using force
if needed. They can have no excuses for this abuse of power. and I don't see the
police doing anything!

We, the public are left in total ignorance of whats actually happening, the media would
rather tell you that the doctors and nurses are doing well, and that there is plenty
in the shops for you to buy, and that it will all be over sometime soon. 

The news media in the UK is not free and independant, Merely more-free than in some
other countries. News-Media is directed by the government. The same thieving bunch of 
arseholes who are stealing from us are gagging the freedom of the media.

If you are't angry about this then you really need to wake up. Don't believe the lies.
you are being fed. Look deeper into what's really happening. during this crisis the
government is getting laws in place to take away even more of your rights. 

Schools are being opened, Pubs and resturaunts too, and of course infection rates 
are on the rise, Do these fuckers in government give a shit....   NO
It's almost as if they are trying to cull off part of the population of this country!

Will they carry on stealing from you while they feed you on fake news stories to make you
believe that they are doing thier best?....

The police of course are still getting paid for doing fuck-all.  Crime is down, 
and they have nothing to show that they are doing anything useful for their pay
so they are busy now bullying the public and handing out on the spot fines at every oppertunity.

This country, Which many of us used to be very proud of is a joke.
Politicians taking all they can, and fascistic bullying fuckwit cops trying to make up
for thier own personality disorders by taking it out on US the public, who they
should be serving.

They should all remember that it's Us the public, Us the people. who pay thier wages.

So take the time to complain. Talk with like minded pissed-off people and organise
against these scumbags who are destroying our lives. 

stand up for our future, and of the future of our families.
Be prepared to FIGHT.

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2020.