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       July 2020    My views on anarchism.  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

The society we live in is one of many rules.   
We see it a dificalt one to exist in as there is a need to try to
remember all of these rules, or laws as they have become over the years.

In reality a society with rules and laws like ours can be easier to navigate 
than a world without rules and laws! 

In such a world without rules and laws we would all be responsible not only for ourselves, our actions,
and the outcome of our decisions, but we are all also responsible for interfacing with
those around us, knowing that they too have their freedoms.  Tricky isn't it?

Anarchism is the rejection of this structure of laws and governments
and instead gives us all the responsibility of getting on with eachother
in a way where we can do anything we want, so long as it doesn't interfere
with the freedoms of the people around us. Achieving this is a complex and
rather contentious buisness.

The government would have you believe that anarchism is blowing things up and causing
chaos and violence and destruction.   That's not anarchism, it's more akin to terrorism. 

This warped view of anarchism is widely portrayed in films and television programmes
 (Mostly from the USA) and it's very wrong !.

True anarchism is freedom from laws and government-interferance. but does require the 
individual anarchist to be an intellegent person who is able to see the outcome
of thier actions, and act accordingly.

Many people call themselves anarchists without thinking about what it really actually involves.
Sometimes these people are either mis-guided, Maybe they just want to be different, or 
they just like the anarchist-tag and use it to cover for thier selfishness.

Anarchism is a system of an infinate number of rules and guidelines. but you won't find
them written down in a guide book.  They are the rules that you keep in your head and heart,
the rules you live your life by. They are not a rigid set of laws, but a flexable array
of "what-ifs",  bound together by your ideals.

The way to true anarchism is a life quest, where you explore your freedoms, interract with
those around you, and have few rigid ties that stop you from exploring your own life.  

The current society of government / police / authority is in total conflict to the anarchist.
They claim to have the right to control your life, often for thier own monetary-gain.
it's this society of greed, control, laws and authority that needs to change.  This society 
is controlled from above. Like puppet-masters, those who assume control over you, manipulate
those below them for thier own greedy desires.  

Politicians, Police, MPs, ministers, ministers of religion, judges, priests, prophets, royals,
 greedy-people, abusers, and users, those who just take, those who seek to control,... 

Work against them,
Disobey them.
And fight to disarm them by destroying the system they have created to protect themselves.

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2020.