Digital Press-Gang
       August 2020    Land the earth and greed.  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

You may have heard the phrase property is theft.  
Having things is not theft, that's not what it means... 

But claiming the land and it's rescorces for profit is theft.  
The earth cannot be owned or sold, it belongs to us all...
It cannot be claimed by individuals governments or countries or companies.

It can merely be used for the time it's needed, and they it becomes
free to be used by the next feet that tread it.

hundreds of years ago they placed their fences "to keep the animals in"
they claimed the land for themselves when it was never theirs to take.

They used their money, and influance and the greed of other selfish users to enslave us.
To make us work for what has always been ours. 
They are stealing from us still.

Another fence around another field now to keep US animals out. 

Now the creeping concrete invades us. Our land, our freedom, our life.
even the air we breathe is poisoned by the greed and corruption.

The earth dies at the hand of the money-thirsty destroyers.
sucking the green out of our world to make profit for shareholders. 
burning forests, destroying environments.
the air turns to dust and then death, 
and still they take more.

They take our health,  our dreams, our lives, our tears.
"Take this crust and be happy. or I will let you starve".
I won't take your charity. You are a destroyer. I will take your life!

This earth is not yours. Not yours to take and use, 
but all of ours to cherish.

Cherish this earth, without it we are nothing.
This earth is ours to love and wonder at.
it's allways been there for us,
yet so fragile in it's nature,
It must be defended, Protected or it will kill us all.

The greedy will use those they can control to abuse the weak and the poor.
to bully into submission, to control and to take, to use and to destroy. 

They tell you to obey god, There is no god. and thier only god is money. 

We must all fight against the greed, 
fight against the destruction of that which belongs to us all.
fight for our life, our freedoms and our future.

This is a fight, a war against greed, a war against authority.

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2020.