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       September 2020    Why I dont like the police.  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

I was recently asked why I dislike the police. 
Years ago, probably close to 40 years ago, I did like the police.
but since then my attitudes have changed.

When I was 15 years old two policemen in Bexleyheath told me that unless 
I moved out of shop doorway, they would arrest me for vagrency.  
I was actually working in the computer industry at the time and was on my way home from work.
sheltering from the rain trying to keep the rain out of my toolkit.  they didn't care
that I was trying to stay dry, and just wanted an excuse to tell me what to do.
I earned more in a week that they did in a month.  But I was young, 
and they were arseholes.

17 years old I was beaten up and left bleading and dazed on my way home from visiting family.
the police caught up with me eventually and said 
"well, if you act and look like other people they will leave you alone"
I was cycling home and was jumped by skinheads..  
What, was I supposed to do? become a fucking skinhead to be left alone? 

19 years old I was stopped on my way to a friends and asked why I was using a public telephone box...
When I told the twat it was a public telephone box, I was using it, what am I supposed to do? 
this braindead fuckwit threatened to arrest me. He said apparently kids were causing damage to telephone boxes. 
I was hardly a kid and just using a phone box. and he was just being a bullying pushy wanker. 

22 years old, me and four friends. stopped in the lobby of a block of flats in south london after visiting a flat on the top-floor.
young Asian Cop and his three mates. The other three cops were questioning my friends.
and he wanted to search me. I said  "what are you some kind of pervert!"
He was trying to get his hand into my trouser pocket to search me.  
When I called him a pervert his colleagues laughed at him. 
 he was the only asian cop in the group of four, 
so he had little support from the other cops and backed away from me.

Since then I have had two pushbikes, one motorbike, two trailers stolen.  My home was broken into, 
I've been stabbed and I've been shot. I've been threatened with violence and other stuff too...  
and last year (2019) I was at an otherwise peaceful protest in London and one of the bullying 
fuck-turd cops was kicking protesters trying to get fights started!
even though he was wearing a body-camera. These apparantly do not cover low enough to catch them
kicking and starting fights.
I wanted to leave the demo and go to the loo and this police wanker said 
I would just have to stay there as he wasn't going to let anybody leave.  
I asked what I was supposed to do? wet myself!  He laughed and said yeah!   
What a total tosser...

They are not accountable to the public and automatically expect respect.
All the time these parasites are seen as the shit on the stick weilded by politicians, 
they wont get any respect.

The police are there to SERVE THE PUBLIC not to pander to the whims of their own upper-ranks, 
ministers and the dickheads in parliament. 

As I've said in the past. When one muppet police-person makes themselves look like a total-tosser, 
they make everyone wearing the same uniform look like a total-tosser too! 
Respect must be earned, or it will have no value. 
And it's way past the time they should have started to try and earn it. 

As citizens of this country we have given consent for a portion of our earnings in the form of TAX 
to be used to fund a full-time service to carry out the policing on our behalf. 
We are all responsible for upholding justice. Not Laws. We should all reject thier authority.

And until these servants of ours make a point of earning the respect of the people they pretend to serve.
Until they stop victimising the innocent for the deeds of the guilty,

and until they are made to be fully accountable for their actions.
they will just have to put up with the tag "All Cops Are Bastards" and fucking like it!

I for one will not fund their club for bullying lowlife tossers. 
I refuse to give my consent for this poor service.

  Written By S-Bluck. for broadcast by TOR Radio 2020.