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    Mch 2021  Gov't Police and Pritti-Patel  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

The UK seems to have some rather heavy-handed bills going through parliament at the moment.
Oppressive, fascistic, and very controversial. 

Amongst them are some serious changes that allow government appointed police stooges to worm
themselves into your organisations. Cops posing as protesters, campaigners and fund-raisers.

What a few years ago would have been Illegal monitoring and interceptions, 
are becoming so common-place that if it weren't such a serious breach of our freedoms and 
rights would be seen as a sick joke.
Covert information gartering. including the government-instigated torture, rape and abuse.

The banning of peaceful protests, threats of deportation, the criminalisation and
targetting of those supporting perfectly valid anti-government activities. 

Turning those who oppose the official "government-line" into domestic-terrorists because they
make the cretins in government look bad and may deter overseas investors from the country.

One bill going through seems to allow the home-office and police to get away with anything 
up-to and including murder!    

Surely this cannot be in the best interests of the country can it ? 

It's not the general-public that these parasite-politicians are trying to protect.   
It's themselves, their wealth and the greedy system that they've created to abuse and control
the majority of us hard working people, and to rob us not only of money, but of our health,
freedoms and our futures.

If you are NOT totally pissed-off with this you really should be. 
Even if you believe that this doesn't affect you because you aren't in the current group of 
people being targeted by this increasingly fascistic government. 
This will affect you, and by the time you try to complain it may well be too late!

That scum bag parasite pritti patel is one of the instigators of these proposed-laws
which will make us all slave-fodder. Our lives sapped-dry, abused to make profits for the total 
fuckwits we have in government and those ultimate parasites, the royal money-pit family.

They are sapping the hope and future out of not just US, those who choose to protest, but the 
whole country.  Everyone should be up-in-arms over these new proposed laws....

They see us as the maggots at the bottom of the shit-heap, and crap on us more and more,
 while expecting us to be thankful.

Recently I had a chat to a few people locally, the attitude was worrying.  Comments
like "all those young protesters with no masks deserve it", about the Bristol-Anti-Bill
protesters.  When I told them that they were not all young-people, and that the vast 
majority were wearing masks I got refereed to the TV-News coverage and lectured about
pictures in the useless-newspapers (like the sun etc....).  

Government is also currently involved in a massive theft and cover-up scam at the moment. 
They are robbing the country in the name of "the covid outbreak".

They are blocking and controlling the media so you the public aren't getting to hear about it.
and just in case you do, and want to do something about it like protest, they will monitor you, 
arrest you, and try to deny your access to legal-help and advice.    

The government needs to be reminded that they should be working for US, not just for the 
rich and powerful, not for their old-school buddies, families and fellow MPs. 
But US the public who asked them to represent us and our communities' best-interests in parliament.

We are not their fucking slaves.!

Failing the public and using their position in government to profit from the suffering
and abuse of others is fucking criminal. These parasites need to be stamped-out.  NOW.

Pritti patel is not only using her underlings as fodder for her own warped career-agenda, but
in doing so has succeed in removing all public trust in and respect of the police-service.
this useless lunatic has put the country's trust in fairness and justice for all back to the
levels of the shitty thatcher-era when the police and government were despised by the population

Don't get it wrong. The people of this country are NOT the thick tabloid-reading, telly gazers
that government thinks they are..  
Sure, there are a minority. But the rest of us want to live OUR LIVES,  in OUR COUNTRY,  free
of the thieving fuckers, free of the fascistic legal-system and government and definitely free
from that total waste of good breathing-air pritti patel, who is so bloody thick that she can't
even see that she is being used as the target for public criticism, and when the shit hits the 
fan, she will be dropped like a crap-covered stick on a dog-walk. 

Anyway, Does she really think the ultra-Right will have HER in any future system ? I think not,
she is a delusional psychopath!

The people of this country allowed in our name, a full-time policing service to be put in place.
at our cost. these people the police, should know better.
Some of them may have their own agenda, be it control over others, retribution for being bullied
themselves in the past, or some odd notion that only they can make a difference. They're wrong.

All of us are equally responsible for the way this country is, and what it will become.

We the people of this country have allowed our government to run-wild and take-control when we
all should have all really kept a hand on the reins.

The protests we are witnessing are the direct result of the lack of peoples control over a 
government-system that has developed into a greedy all-consuming monster.  The government which
now chooses to protect itself and cover-up it's own failings rather than face-up to the truth.

THIS MONSTER NEEDS CHANGING, CONTROLLING, or DESTROYING. Because if not it will surely destroy us all.

       Written By Ra.  For broadcast by   TOR Radio   2021.