Digital Press-Gang
  April 2021  WARZONE Written and recorded By Dionysia Anarqxista    For broadcast by   TOR Radio

When you were born you entered a warzone. You may not have realised you did but, I assure you, you did.

The war is of the rich and powerful against the rest. They started this war when they decided to accumulate
and control as many resources - including people - as possible.

Since this war began the rich and powerful have refused to stop it. They send their minions to attack and
destroy - actually or in reputational terms - any who try to end the conflict. Billions of people are caught
up in the crossfire which threatens the fate of the planet itself.

This war won't go on forever because the policies the rich and powerful pursue will end up in destruction.
But that destruction has already begun and claims casualties every day in every act of corporate greed or
government corruption or political enmity with a fellow human being.

The fact is our world is an occupied world. Its occupied by people whose ideology is power and control,
coercion and exploitation. It doesn't have to be like this. But until or unless people can open their eyes
to see past the hate and division used to separate us, it will be.

And the clock is ticking. But some may say the problems we face are too huge to contemplate. One person
cannot topple governments. One person cannot end a destructive ideology. Perhaps not. But I'm very sure the
rich and powerful would rather you acquiesce than fight.

But the truth is you are not alone. There are many people just like you and together you are not one person.
Every person who can look on their neighbour or the world and imagine it other, different, free, can make a
difference and affect another person. It must begin here.

I cannot promise you the world can be changed. I cannot promise the rich and powerful can be beaten and a
different way of being human beings in the world begun. But I can promise that not to try is to stay the
same with corruption, exploitation, pain and suffering. A choice.

The first step however is imagining another world and different relationships between people whatever
their colour, creed, sexuality, race, culture or gender. Besides the cops outside which oppress us there
is the cop in our head which tells us we must believe this and that.

You need to get rid of that cop in your head just as much as we need to abolish cops in the outside world.
This is where freedom begins and it is a task you can set to right now. 
Free your mind! And see where it takes you!

The world is not as the TV news tells you. Your government are corrupt liars in the pay of businessmen
and selfish greed. They, together, only wish to keep you passive and controlled... while they all get richer.
They will use division and hate to keep you distracted if they can.

I am an anarchist and what this means is a freedom of thought and a refusal to be controlled, a desire,
together with like-minded others, to live in peace and cooperation in a natural harmony. Conflict is a
choice and it isn't inevitable. But its a choice people must make.

As an anarchist I believe it is not for me to tell you or anyone else what to do. All I can do is ask you
to think for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I believe a new world begins every time one human
being realises it doesn't have to be like this. And acts.

       Written and recorded By Dionysia_Anarqxista    For broadcast by   TOR Radio   2021.