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June_2021  Rebel! Revolt! Resist!  Written and recorded By Dionysia Anarqxista     Broadcast by TOR Radio
I am writing this rant on the birthday of that great champion of anarchist thought and
action, Emma Goldman, who, incidentally, died a British citizen by marriage. 

One of the many things Emma said, over 50 years of anarchist activism from her 20th year 
into her 70th year, was "We cannot expect to accomplish tomorrow, what we don’t begin to do
today". She meant, of course, that if we want to see a better tomorrow, in which people
behave differently and forge different kinds of relationships between themselves, then
that can only happen when we start to live and model these relationships right now.

Emma Goldman was an anarchist because she believed that it was up to people
everywhere, with their own hands, lives and actions, to make the difference that made a
difference. She did not think someone else was going to save you. She did not think you
should let some other group of people do it for you. She did not put any faith, or any
hope, in politicians and others to create living conditions of mutual respect and freedom
for all. In fact, Emma Goldman knew very well that politicians were corrupt, that police
would do what their masters told them and that capital was what ultimately decided
matters in society. We should heed both Emma’s analysis and her solution. It is up to us
to make a better world if we want to see it.

We should pause for a moment and let that sink in for, whilst it should be very obvious,
the mass of people, in countries all around the world, still cling to their politicians,
leaders and other appointees as if they are forced to do this. Democracy, real democracy
in which people refuse to give over their rights or their voice to so-called representative
others, has been stolen from them and, in its empty, hollowed out form, is now
reimposed upon them as the right to vote, when others choose, in elections in which
capitalists compete to cheat you of your vote or make you choose between options that
are in no way significantly different. The only choice you end up having in an election is
which group of economic interests will rule your life for 4 or 5 more years. To call such a
process "democracy" is little other than a sick joke. But, even then, there are still those
who try to cheat it anyway.

"But what about the Press?" you might say. Can they not hold people to account? Look
what happens when they do! Even as you take in what I am saying here Julian Assange
languishes in a prison cell for the crime of exposing the truth. Ignore the waffle about
national secrets and proper procedures, ignore the smear campaigns which aim to
control public thought. Assange’s crime, as everybody with some tinpot title and the
ability to send violence to people’s doors in the name of some state knows, is that he
exposed what is really going on in the world. This is the things that those in power have
arbitrarily decided that you aren’t supposed to know about even though these things are
done in your name and with public money. As to the rest of the Press, most are lackeys
for billionaires whose only interest is money and to whom human lives do not matter a
jot. Members of the Press will trawl through bins, tap phones, break into online vaults or
just tell sponsored lies in order to protect their friends in power, many of whom are
friends or colleagues from university days anyway. Politicians and the media all go to the
same parties and the vast majority serve the same interests: capital and political power.

We live in a time of great social disruption in countries around the world and on every
continent. In recent years, there have been several exposures of where the rich hide
their stolen wealth in offshore bank accounts. Again and again, politicians, in theory
elected to be your voice and represent your interests, are revealed as people taking
backhanders, bribes and illicit payments to make already rich people even richer. Again
and again billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are revealed as people with no
concern for worker welfare and as those who actively frustrate their workers’ ability to
stand up for their own rights and organise a communal voice. Again and again,
governments come to the support of business over and against workers, detailing their
ever more militarised police forces to violently assault any who stand up to the
corporate violence of business, a violence which is putting our whole planet in danger of
climate catastrophe. The message should be coming across loud and clear: all business
and government care about is their wealth and having control. All the rest is a
distraction, a dog and pony show, entertainment so that people like you and me never
complain and just accept this created and imposed version of reality as normal.

For what all these people fear, and why governments create laws that are ever more
draconian, sometimes even trying to outlaw any protest or dissent itself, is that the
people will wake up, discover the yoke of privileged power which has been laid heavily
on their shoulders to control them, and revolt against it. All such power, even that you
think you democratically voted for, acts this way. You will see violent police tactics in
London and Washington DC just as easily as you will in Beijing or the Philippines. Power
does not want to relinquish its power and it certainly doesn’t want you with your small
voice saying “No, this is wrong” or “No, this must stop.” Emma Goldman’s contemporary,
the black anarchist Lucy Parsons, once reminded people that the rich will never allow
you to vote away their wealth and she was right: they won’t. They will do whatever they
have to do, including buying every politician out there and having them direct the police
to violently repress you, in order that they can keep their big mansions, huge yachts and
exclusive lifestyles. There really is an exclusive club of rich people wielding power and
control through shady networks of influence: and you ain’t in it!

In the UK right now we have an openly corrupt government of criminals and crooks
handing out government money to their friends and contacts like money is going out of
style. But with the corruption, which extends to the police who do their dirty work
without any shred of integrity or attention to their duty to be both just and honest, also
comes oppression. The UK government wants to make it that the police will be those
who decide if you are allowed to protest or not. If they decide you are a disturbance you
could get 10 years in prison. They want to outlaw people’s very lifestyles such as in the
case of travellers and Roma with similarly draconian powers. They consistently call
refugees “illegal” when the right to seek asylum in any country of your choice is
enshrined in international law. They tell people to clap those who sacrifice much to keep
people safe, such as health workers, but then will not pay them when its their turn to
show support. Habitually, the UK government declines to feed hungry children and
maintains its “not their job” to make sure people are fed, housed, and in good health.
They are, in fact, a privileged, crooked cabal with neither sympathy for the less fortunate
nor any empathy with their plight.

WE MUST FIGHT BACK. We must resist the narcotics that such people disseminate
throughout society in the Press and media. Lies are now common place and, increasingly,
people are not concerned to find out the truth. This must be resisted too. YOUR LIFE IS
IN YOUR HANDS. You need to come to see that and to accept it for you can be sure that
the rich and powerful do not want you to realise what power lies in your hands, the
simple power to revolt, to rebel, to simply refuse to cooperate. Their wish is that you
know your place and that you do nothing to reorganise how society exists from day to
day. But that’s because its to their advantage and not yours. Remember the words of
Emma Goldman, to whose memory I dedicate this rant as I write it on her birthday: ““We
cannot expect to accomplish tomorrow, what we don’t begin to do today.” You can
accept your oppression, your control, the privileged importance of the children of rich
people but at the expense of yours. Or you can rebel. You can stand up. You can act. If
you won’t, then who will?

      Written and recorded By   Dionysia_Anarqxista       For broadcast by   TOR Radio   2021.