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    July 2021   Julian Assange 3_7_2021  Broadcast on TOR-Radio  Read by Ra....

The United states government is trying to extradite Julian assange
from the UK, If he is extradited he will be sentanced and convicted
in a USA government "special court" linked closely to the FBI and 
security services. Nobody who has ever appeared in this fake excuse
for a court have been found to be not guilty. If extradited, Julian 
will face a sentance of 175 years for breaking the United-States 
Espionage Act that the USA government are trying to apply to people 
all over the world. 

Julian is currently in BELMARSH Prison, Plumstead south-east 
London. He's been there for two years now, after being 
"negotiated-away" from the Ecuadorian embassy in London by weak 
willed corrupt stooges in the UK government, who are arse-licking the
USA government trying to preserve the "special relationship" that UK
politicianns like to talk about, and USA government uses against them.

Julian assange however is INNOCENT. He always was innocent, and 
we know the case against Julian Assange is ficticious, This is a 

The case against Julian is an FBI / Department of Justice set-up
to try and stem the flow of information being published through the
WIKILEAKS news site and to discourage other journalists from breaking
the harsh united-states Espionage Act and other anti freedom laws,
even if they aren't in the United-States.

The key witness against Julian Assange is an Icelandic man called
Siggi Thordarson, who is very well known as an embezzler and 
opportunist-thief. Thordarson  volunteered to work for wiki-leaks
as a fund-raiser, but he stole more from them than he actually 
raised. Using his access to wiki-leaks he stole around 35,000 by
transferring money to his own accounts.

The FBI and DOJ (Department of Justice) in the USA tried to put 
Thordarson forward as a computer hacker who Julian approached to 
get information for wiki-leaks, But Thordarson himself isn't a hacker
he apparently only made contacts with real hackers on-line by
pretending to be a key wiki-leaks staff member, when he was not.

The FBI used Thordarson's connections to the hacker community and
to a known hacker and FBI informant against him when Thordarson
tried to get members of international computer-hacking groups to
carry out various actions including Denial-Of-Service attacks.
This was done without the knowledge of anyone in wiki-leaks including
Julian Assange. Thordarson was trying to disrupt the government
operated computer systems/databases in Iceland where he lived.

When Thordarson's theft and treachery was becoming apparent, he 
got in touch with the FBI via his local USA embassy in Iceland and 
he along with members of the FBI started to weave a case against
Julian Assange. Thordarson was given a story to tell to implicate 
Julian Assange in exchange for immunity from prosecution for himself.

Thordarson continued his scamming and now admits that the statement
he made against Julian Assange and wiki-leaks was false and he was 
never asked to hack anything or gain access to any computers by 
Julian Assange or wiki-leaks.

So let's stop all this fucking about, and get our mate JULIAN out.

We've learnt not to trust govenment-lies. and we've learnt that 
much of what we see in the papers and on TeeVee is shit.  It's 
time to Shake n Break. Shake-up the Government, Break this system.

       Written By Ra.  For broadcast by   TOR Radio   July 2021.