Digital Press-Gang
July 2021  Plea to progressives   Written and recorded By Natalie Strecker     Broadcast by TOR Radio

     As somebody who identifies as being left wing and progressive, I just want to say something,
and highlight a situation that I feel has become really problematic and is actually getting in the
way of us achieving our overall aims, and it's this.

If your idea of being progressive, or as some would term 'woke', is to insult, to denigrate, to try 
to humiliate people, many of whom we know are working class and who already experience and have 
experienced this contempt from others and from institutions throughout their lives, because they no
longer trust the government, no longer trust mainstream media, with good reason by the way, and thus
have become vulnerable to conspiracy theories then it's my view and feeling you are not an ally to
the struggle for a fairer system.

It's not about people having concerns about conspiracies, which we should all have, but it is about
how we ought to respond to these. We would all do well, as Gabor Mate implores us, to understand
what it is that's informing behaviour and to demonstrate compassion and  understanding. We have got 
to learn to speak in in a way that attracts, not alienates people, and more importantly learn to 
LISTEN. And listen so as to understand those fears and what is really driving people. 

We've also go to stop pretending we know everything, and that we are are right on everything, 
because the fact of the matter is, we are NOT. Humility is a much underrated quality that we would
all do well to cultivate and yes, that does include myself.

I just feel really tired of seeing people wanting to demonstrate how oh so clever they are through
their comments and their judgements against people, and yet fail to demonstrate any emotional 
intelligence, which is what could actually help us all to move forward.

At a time when draconian bill after bill is being put through our parliament, at a time when we 
have slipped into corporate fascism, at a time when we face the biggest threat we ever have as a
species, environmental breakdown, our time would be better spent working out how we can unify to
save our communities. And we must learn to understand that we do not need to agree on everything,
we really have got to learn that, and learn it fast and stop with our purity tests. We have got
to start seeing all of us as individuals and as ourselves as a community as works in progress.

We are all seeing our lives negatively impacted by this rotten, failing system, and we are all
being oppressed in varying degrees by the same ruling class and if we don't wake up and wake up 
fast, and if we don't stop bickering amongst ourselves NONE of us will get out of this alive. 
Of course, we know none of us do so in the long-term, but I'm talking about the short-term as we
face some of the biggest threats, the greatest threats that we have in generations. And I say 
this as a working-class female who has gone on her own journey in life, and had to learn a lot 
about myself and what informs by behaviour and recognising the journey I have go on in terms of
changing my own views on things.

      Written and recorded By    Natalie Strecker       For broadcast by   TOR Radio   2021.