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June 2022  How Far Should We Go   Written and recorded By  Ra Traxi     Broadcast by TOR Radio

How far should we go?

As far as I can see this is the ultimate fight for survival.
Not only for us as individuals, families, and groups, 
but for the survival of our species, here on this planet.

We are being conned by our leaders, politicians, and government. They should be working
at any expense to maintain a sustainable life for us all, but they are instead the 
scum profiteers condemning humanity to an early death.

Using wars and conflict to divert public gaze away from the true reality, that in the 
next few decades many millions of us will be sentenced to death by their greedy and 
selfish actions.

The war in Ukraine is one of these distractions. a "western-governments verses Russia"
scenario in which the arms contractors, and the government stooges profit, and 
"Big Media" is used to guide the public gaze away from the fact that we are rapidly
heading towards extinction.

Those who control the TV, Radio, newspapers and other media outlets, are in the pay of
of those upper-class tossers and wannabes  who assume to be our betters and leaders.

We must take that media-control away from them, and produce our own news-media based on
truth and reality rather than merely tolerate the manipulative drivel we are all supposed
to tolerate.  

I'm not talking about GB-news or some other pro right wing bullshit 
but something that is pro the survival of us all and not political.

Instead of being sucked-into the media frenzy directed from those in charge, we should be
challenging those same people. Asking why we are being lied to, Why they remain in power,
and why they are profiting from the misery and abuse of those of us who can least afford
to live or plan for our survival.

We can no-longer stay silent and obedient as we and those we care about are sent to our
certain death carrying on working hard and paying into the profits of big-business until
we all die at the hands of the scum who abuse us and force us to live by their rules.
They are the modern-day eugenicist slave drivers.  Working us the population to death.

So, how far should we go? All the fucking way! 
Being a passive irritant is no longer an option!

We all need work together to take apart this top-heavy system of slavery, if we and our
future generations are to survive and be free. 

We were born to be free individuals who have our own choices and destinies, and not born
to be the minions slaves and battlefield-fodder for the use of those who see themselves
as socially above us.

Some would say that there have always been those who must lead, and those who follow.
This is simply not the case. Yes, some people excel in one field or another and it's
normal for those who are good in a certain field to be allowed to manage it. But not
at the expense of all those around them.

We often find that once a little "authority" has been given to someone, they clamber for
more and more until they become embedded so deeply that it becomes difficult to either
work with them, get them to adapt to a better system, or simply remove them from that authority.

Allowing the few dominant/greedy people to control our lives, believing that this is the
only way is a very big mistake!

When people become embedded - leaders they use all the tools at their disposal to maintain
their positions of Authority and control. They use media, police, army etc. to maintain
their position at the expense of everything else including causing irreversible damage to
the planet we all share.

There is no argument that will convince these people to change their ways, No protest,
petition to parliament, letter to your M-P, or other peaceful method that even stands the
slightest chance of reducing or possibly reversing the damage caused to our world by these

I used to be an advocate of peaceful protests and other peaceful groups like CND, Greenpeace
and Extinction Rebellion (XR). But I now believe that if we are to succeed in toppling
the destroyers of the planet from their claimed perch of authority, We too must be 
devastatingly brutal, just as they will be.  We must destroy all those who make a profit 
from the misfortune of others, be it individuals, governments, or countries.

The more billionaires, millionaires, dictators, monarchs, politicians, royals etc. that
we destroy, the more able we are to realise the ultimate goal of humanity, a peaceful and
enjoyable existence in a sustainable way on a planet that we all share.

There are those, and yes I used to be one of them who believe that no good can be done by
using force against an attacker.  But now I believe that this constitutes self-defence,
and that any amount of  force should be used to defend us all against those who are
destroying us all.

We must all fight for true freedom from oppression, in a world that supports it's own 
people away from the fascistic oppression of those who see themselves as above us all.

I and many people like me who once believed that a non-violent approach was the way forward,
but now see that it is the worst of all possible methods.

Non violent actions only serve to let those who want to control you know who you are,
how you organise, and make you the target of infiltration, coercion, violence and control.

Those you confront with your banners and slogans have no qualms about the use of violence
against you. They will break your bones and deny you legal support. They will kill you and
say it was self-defence, They will manipulate and destroy any evidence against them with the
support from those above them who they ultimately work for and get their orders from.

There will always be the "sheep".  Those who are easily led by people they see as leaders,
Those who believe without question the lies they are told by the corrupted news-media, and
the greedy power / money-hungry parasites who control that same news and publicity system.

These parasites who feed off the rotting flesh of the minions that they send to fight
and die for them while they live in luxury need to be disposed of.  They will not give-up
easily, and simply removing them from their position of authority will only cause problems for
the future.  They must be perminantly removed.

We must do this because Those who wish to retain control, and the media that they do control
will convince the "sheep" that they are part of something worthwhile. and will re-enforce
this using many methods including.

  National-Pride, Love of the nation, The national flag, the monarchy etc..
  They will give you distorted or fictitious events from history to attempt to re-enforce this.

  They will try to convince you that you are a part of a larger movement to make the world a
  better place, for those of your religion, skin-colour, or who share part of your history or background.

  They may also try to convince you that only they can save you from crime/violence. But in reality
  it is they who are the worst of all criminals, and will likely use violence against you.

  Or they may simply want to pay for your support and for the pretence of loyalty to them.

 be under no illusion, If all else fails, they will use force against you to try and make you
obey them and be loyal to the system that keeps you living as their slaves !

They are in reality only preserving the status of those who see themselves as above us all.
they are preserving the class system.

These easily led people will, unless they break free will become a part of the rotting maggot
infested pit of flesh used by leaders and parasites to grow their money tree higher, while the
earth spins on to it's destruction.

The only true way to freedom is to utterly destroy all the "upper-classes", all the rulers,
all the royals. All those who support them, and all those who use and profit from us.
and we must do this now using any means at our disposal.

They will not go easily, They will use anyone that they can, to protect them, They will
use police, army, private armed forces and those they can manipulate to protect themselves,
their families, and their ill gotten riches. They will have no mercy because they are greedy

In  the same way a maggot feeds from rotting flesh, they will burrow into and suck the 
goodness out of all the people they can until there is nothing left but themselves and
those they use to work for them like slaves.  This is FASCISM.

We must destroy this system.  Attack it at all levels, starting at the top and destroy them,
and any reason for their support. Destroy totally, Destroy thoroughly, and Destroy permanently.


I used to be a supporter of XR (Extinction Rebellion). but I find that although the motives
are sound, the non-violent / passive actions are counter-productive. Blocking the 
police-cells and courts with people in an attempt to gain greater support through media
coverage is a step not far enough.

I believe that those in power have had their warning, and have chosen to ignore 
the urgency for the sake of the profits made by, and the back-handers from big-business,

including oil and gas companies.  Those who lead are out of control and 
must now be made to stop this path toward the planet's destruction.

Be under no illusion. The COVID epidemic, and now a war is being used to blanket-out so
much media attention from the climate catastrophe that is fast approaching.

In the next 30 years, Not only the village where I live will be under water, but thousands
of square-miles of this tiny island we all call home. and that is just the UK which itself
is a tiny country compared to the rest of the world.

Once the identities of anti-government / pro-environment supporters is known we become the
target of further police and government surveillance and on the suspects list for any other actions
aimed at similar issues.

  Outing ourselves for some media attention is not a very sound plan
compared to more positive actions, and just makes us the targets of pre-emptive arrests etc.
to stop us being a problem.

I'm suggesting that instead of concentrating all our efforts on non-violent actions, some of
us should take things further. Instead of protesting at oil-depots and refineries that are
easier to defend by the authorities, we attack the tankers, pipelines and the very backbone
of the oil and gas system, and the aircraft and airports too. that use the fuel

That instead of simply signing a petition or writing to an MP, we should be bringing the fight
directly to those same government stooges using ways that they can't so easily ignore.

They have been warned, Now is the time for more action, not more words.
The clock of this planet's time-bomb is ticking.
this is a fight for survival.
this is self defence.

      Recorded By    Ra Traxi       For broadcast by   TOR Radio   2022.