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      Get  YOUR VOICE on air here at  

If you have something important to share with the TOR Radio listners, we will help!

Political, Points of View, Personal-Opinions, Anti-Police, anti-royal, Rage rants and rebellion
Recordings from protests, persecution, , class-war and more. Self-help, food, family, fun..  
almost anything goes.!   Just as long as it will roughly fit in with the stations general theme.

It's very easy to be heard!  

At the very basic level you can pre-record an MP3 file and e-mail it over to info (at) TORradio.ORG
sending us a plain-text-version too is important, as many listners want to read your words too.

If you want to produce a show and include music and other sounds please make sure it's clean and clear.
as confusing echo effects and loud music masking out your voice doesn't transmit very well. Again
send us a plain-text-version too.

If you want to send in your voice track and music seperately we will mix it down for you!

Simple short programmes can be e-mailed in to us at info (at) TORradio.ORG

Memory-sticks, CD-Rom discs, and reels of tape can be posted to the stations staff in Kent.


For e-mailed files.  MP3 or FLAC files.

For posted CDs. CD-Audio discs, or CD-data (MP3 / FLAC files / ISO images)

For posted Memory-Sticks/USB drives. MP3 / FLAC files / ISO images

For posted tapes. 7 inch or 10 inch (NAB) spools. 1/4 inch tape. mono or 2-track 7-1/2 IPS
            You can use Dolby A or Dolby SR too if you wish.

The plain-text of your recording can be in TXT or DOC format. 
            and we'll turn this into an HTML file for the website.

Duration from 30-seconds to 30 minutes. (Short shows are easier to insert into broadcasts).

Sorry, cassette-tapes cannot be processed as the audio-quality is too low.