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Update= 24/04/2020 - - - NEXT-Tx days See below.
........ Will be on at times over next 4+ weeks ........

This station is the target of government and other attention, and therefore has no fixed broadcast schedule.
---BUT, we will let you know here and On-Air during the broadcasts. See the Time-Sector guide below.---

----------When we give a "next broadcast" message followed by a letter. Here's what it means---------------

A=	00:00-03:00		E=	12:00-15:00
B=	03:00-06:00		F=	15:00-18:00
C=	06:00-09:00		G=	18:00-21:00
D=	09:00-12:00		H=	21:00-00:00

For instance. A broadcast "C" will begin somewhere between 06:00 and 09:00 GMT / UTC
and run from then until the broadcast ends which may be in a later time-block.

A little bit of text-stuff for you to enjoy.......

--> How TORradio got started,
--> Put the people in charge.

Here are some of the past broadcasts. Text files and MP3
Text Files        ----------         MP3 Files

5 10-11/19 Greed and Selfishness     5 10-11/19 Greed and selfishness MP3

4 9/19 Anti Fascist fight            4 9/19 Anti Fascist fight MP3

3 8/19 Religion and manipulation     3 8/19 Religion and manipulation MP3

2 7/19 Actions against protests      2 7/19 Gov't Anti protest actions MP3

1 5/19 Thoughts on voting/brexit     1 5/19 Thoughts on Votes and brexit MP3
----------------TORradio latest news....------------------------------------------------------------

Managed to sell some of our old household things here and buy another AM mediumwave transmitter
it's only 20 watts but will be heard by many people in KENT / ESSEX areas.

April tests continue. On for a few hours at a time during the days. FM and Mediumwave have feeds in
north-Kent and east-Essex areas. shortwave bands at weekends.

Tests at the end of March and through april will be using some of the older kit. The newer AM and
SSB transmitters were lost over the past coupleof months, so old-kit out of storage and back into use.

Our feb/march transmissions were ended early by an attack on the output site resulting in the loss
of the 1602 mediumwave transmitter it's link and the use of the site for any future broadcasts.

Sat 8th Feb. 6400 and 1602 rants against canadian government and R.C.M.P. About gas pipeline on
Wet'Suwet'en First-Nations teritory without the consent of the chiefs.

End of Jan start of Feb there have been engineering tests on 6400kHz AM using two of the old valve-
based transmitters and a replacement aerial-tuning-unit. Testing on 6400 and 6995 will continue 1/2 Jan.
The test on 31/1/2020 ended with an appeal for help replacing the shortwave SSB transmitter.

The transmissions on the 18th/19th of Jan were stopped once again by faults in the aerial system.
When the 42 Metre band (6995 kHz USB) transmitter was powered-up the aerial tuning unit failed to
match and destroyed the transmitter. This was the stations only high-power transmitter, and now only
a low-power (125 Watt) unit is available until it is repaired or replaced. Next transmissions will be
on the 48 Metre band on the original frequency of 6400kHz AM, until the transmitter is replaced.

If you have a 250 to 750watt marine/broadcast shortwave set we can have, please get in touch !

Sat 04 Jan 2020. Weekend transmission All Ok. Activity at output site cut sunday broadcasts short.

Saturday 21st (Winter Solstice) was spent in Ramsgate at a punk gig. and then back to base to set-up for
the transmissions 1602 and 6995USB. 6995kHz is now the staions main frequency and only occasionaly on the
48m band frequency of 6400kHz. Tones now precede transmissions.

Been doing some repairs on the 250 watt SSB transmitter, and testing the 1602 AM mediumwave kit.
in preperation for the broadcasts next weekend. (21/22 Dec 2019). Also Checking out the 45 foot mast.

Text for the Oct/Nov broadcasts is up. (see the text-files above) MP3 will follow shortly. This weekend
is on Six-Nine-Nine-Five USB. The main 48M band sender will be on again in December.
The next political broadcasts for December will be released Early December. Keep an ear out for it.

November transmissions (early-hours) are more on greed, and politics / voting / Anti-Fascism. These are
still on 6995kHz USB and locally on 1602 / VHF-FM.
Transmission on the 21st went all ok with 20Watts on 1602 and 80W on 6995USB. But on 22nd the antenna
refused to match to to the 48M (6400kHz) transmitter. and caused it to fail. The 6995USB was put on-air
while the reserve transmitter was set-up. This was used tor the remainder of the broadcast. The reserve
unit is a FET based 60 watt unit and doesn't sound as warm as the valve based main-TX (now being repaired).

Mediumwave transmitter has now been repaired and will be back in service for the next broadcasts.
(this was recovered from the output-site after a recent broadcast and rain had got into the power
supply. The FM and shortwave transmitters were all Ok.

The station has been on-air for a few hours a few times a month for the past few months.
Usually 6400 and 3945, (as well as FM and Mediumwave locally). Also, the ssb tests on 43metres have been
more regular for the past four broadcasts using our 250 watt transmitter (For Night broadcasts).

Feed is ONLY available via the "Harrys-Playground" maze at qq22.net Please don't ask for a link!

3945 in the 75M band, 6400 (and other) in the 48M band, also occasionally in the 43M band on SSB.
poss on other SW frequencies. Various VHF/FM worldwide, and locally on mediumwave at 1602kHz.

--------------------------------Reports back of others playing the rants----------------------------------------------
If you're a UK or overseas pirate or anyone else broadcasting Tor Radio prog's. please let us know.
Below are some who have got in touch. They may not currently be active and have no fixed schedule.

Specific reports of areas and frequencies in-use have now been removed from this section as this
info could be used by the authorities to trace and raid those who are re-broadcasting TORradio
programmes or the feed. BUT, Listed below are the areas covered by those who have got in touch.

UK Yorkshire. / Somerset (Taunton, M5 area) / Hull / Kent (various areas, appears often). / Dover
UK/Europe (Shortwave service) / Calif USA / Aust (south-Central AM) / West London (Was Hillingdon area)
Below are some past dates just in case you heard the broadcasts. (earlier 42/43m SSB tests not listed).

2020 Apr 14th		1602 105.8 reality-asylum complete album and more.. 1200-1445.
2020 Apr 2nd		6400 1602 1200-1400 GMT tests on both bands using portable kit.
2020 Mch 27--		6400 6995 1602 and 105.8 07:30->  tests will continue.....
2020 Mch 21/22		6400 tests and other broadcasts. 
2020 Feb 29th		6400 and 1602 10:00gmt Site and staff attacked. Kit damaged.
2020 Feb 8th		6400kHz, 1602kHz canada gas pipeline. 22:45-00:20
2020 Feb 4th		0545-0705 testing on 6400kHz, 1602kHz and 105.8MHz
2020 Jan 31st		6400kHz AM  test of TX and ATU. 0540-0700 (tones/music/rants)
2020 Jan 28-30		6400kHz and 6995kHz  engineering tests.
2020 Jan 18th		6995kHz USB  until the transmitter failed. 0400-
2020 Jan 4/5th		6995kHz USB and 1606kHz Medium Wave. 02:45-04:45(sat)
2019 Dec 22nd		6995USB and 1602kHz with music and political rants. 0630-0830
2019 Dec 10-19		6995 AM and USB. also 1602 Mediumwave band testing transmitters.
2019 Nov 29/30		6995kHz (and local MW/FM) the 6995usb political/music .
2019 Nov 16/17		6995 USB  (and MW/FM locally) sat 0230-0430. sun 0600-0800
2019 Oct 12/13		6995/1602/105.8  2000gmt Sat to 0215gmt Sun. Music and politics
2019 Sept 22nd		6995/6400/1602 ! Some interaction between HF / MF kit. 48M TX-Fail...
2019 Sept 21st		6995 / 1602 politics and music  0245-0415
2019 Sept 8th		6400 / 1602 / 105.8 0730-0900 Politics and music...
2019 Sept 6/7	 	6955usb / 1602 2330-0145 GMT Politics and music...
2019 Sept 4th		6400 on test using 6955 ant and an ATU. 1330-1430.. 
2019 Sept 3rd		6400 TX is tripping the Hi-VSWR on the MW tx due to close aerials.
2019 Aug 28th		42m then 6400 morning politics and music. finish at 0530gmt
2019 Aug 17th		6400 105.8 08:50-10:30 gmt (political shows / music)
2019 Aug 3rd		1602 / 105.8 local stuff/politics (Am Tx DEAD)
2019 Jul 29th		1602 6400 105.8  Morning political rants....
off all of June!
2019 May 27th		6400 50w  0530-0730  (audio tests)
2019 May 24/25th	6400 Kent 50w  2300-1000
2019 May 19th		6400  Kent  0200-1100
2019 May 12th		3945 105.8 Kent  0000-1100
2019 May 11th		3945  Kent  50w  0300-1100
2019 May 5/6		6400  from Kent. (low power tests).
The equipment in use here at TOR-Radio is fairly basic. We make good use of ex-marine radio transcievers
and transmitters. SKANTI TRP series are very useful. The best are 750 and 400 watt versions. BUT the 250w
is also a good unit. The original valve based transmitters are still used, but later FET based units are far
more efficient, and make running from batteries or generators easier!
Recently the last of the SKANTI trp HF/SSB units and it's aerial-tuner failed, destroying both! And the attack
on the Kent mediumwave site et the end of Feb destroyed the 80watt transmitter and link. So there has been a
panic to get the mediumwave and the 6995kHz USB running again.
Our aerial systems often get damaged in high winds!, but vandals armed with clubs and metal-bars is getting nasty!
The studio is a shared facility also used for recording / editing for a soundscapes website, and used by us when
not being used. We can often only make use of this at weekends. We are looking to fund our own more permanant
studio and links sites to allow more regular broadcasts, and cover a greater area.
URGENT Fundraising Appeal...

Hello all TOR Radio listeners! I'm trying to fund the purchase of various things to keep the station on-air...
so if you wish to help out it would be very useful!

ALSO, I have a wish-list.... Studio-Parts. Audio-mixers, rackmount CD players, Turntables, Microphones and stands, Effects processors,
Compressors/limiters, STL-Linking eqp't.

Link and Transmitter site parts. fixed and portable aerial-masts, uhf YAGI antennas, microwave link gear,
HF transmitters from 100w to 5000w AM and SSB covering Mediumwave 500-1600kHz and 3,800-12,000kHz SW bamds,
aerial tuners, marine HF transmitters, compact / silent diesel generators (6kv single phase). Servers/Computers.

Premesis and storage. hilltop sites in rural locations (Ex MOD/ROC bunkers are good), storage facilities,
vacant-lots and parking-spaces, and lockable shipping-containers to put on them. Vans for mobile studios.

PLEASE, if you can help out, just give what you can. Together we can change the world. Many Thanks Ra

What it costs..... (all prices are in UK pounds)
30    will buy records and CDs to use on air.
100   will pay for a simple wire HF or MW antenna.
350   will pay for an automatic antenna tuner
390   will buy A cheap 20Watt AM transmitter
420   and we can buy cd players.
500   pays for a mixer and audio cabling.
700   And we can buy a cheap maritime radio-unit.
980   and we can install a mast at a site.
1225  will buy a 6kw / 8kw generator.
1300  will get a 20 foot shipping container.
1725  for a complete radio linking system.
1850  for a 40-foot shipping container.
1900  will get A 1000Watt AM transmitter.
2200  will buy a van and tax it for a year.
3250  will equip a good basic radio studio. 
25000 will rent a studio/office for a year.
45000 will buy outright a hill-top radio site.

Our time, work, and lives we give for nothing.